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Hot Links For the Week of January 10, 2014

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hot linksFor this week’s Hot Links, we have some fun stuff to watch, interesting science articles and an hour music mix on Soundcloud. Are you bored at work and want something to read? Read about how 2Pac was almost in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, or how depression may impact the way you see colors. Watch some advice given by rapper Killer Mike, The Simpson tribute to Studio Ghibli or rabbit in an outtake for a commercial.

Rolling_Stone_logoDid you know Tupac, yes that 2Pac, was set to audition for the Mace Windu role in the first Star Wars Prequel, The Phantom Menace?



Youtube Logo Need some life advice? Killer Mike has got you covered with some great advice.



cellphone-reception-giLearn more about the signal bars that appear on the top corner of your phone.



Reddit LogoInterested in the Mob? Former Mob Boss Michael Franzese opens up about his dealings in this Reddit AMA.



SoundcloudThis mix, which is just over an hour, got the attention of Ellie Goulding



Photo illustration by Mindy RickettsThis interesting read shows how depression can affect you in more ways than one.



Youtube LogoThe Simpsons pay tribute to Studio Ghibli. How many references can you name?



Youtube LogoThis is what runs through the mind of participants of reality tv shows.



Youtube LogoDon’t know what’s going on here but here are rabbits engaging in coitus in what looks like outtakes from a commercial.



IGN LOGOGet your next-gen gaming on with new images from the Halo 5 development



Cnet logoLooking at every new device at CES will make your wallet murmur. Here are some stuff you can buy later this year.



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