Verify your PSN account with a virtual phone number

Verify your PSN account with a virtual phone number

For using PlayStation Network services, you have to create an account. There’s no need to pay for it because it is completely free. You don’t have to enter any payment information either. When registering a PSN account, users enter their date of birth to make an account more secure. So, recheck whether you entered the correct date.

You also need to provide information about your location. Select the correct language to receive newsletters and so on.

In addition to an email address, PSN asks its users to get two-factor verification. For this, you need to enter your phone number and receive SMS now online. However, you don’t necessarily have to enter your personal phone number or buy a new SIM card with an expensive service plan. Who needs it when you’ve got a fake number provider by an SMS online company?

Online services that ask their users for phone numbers might use it to send newsletters and other sorts of spam. They could also sell their users’ data to a third-party business that might use it for advertising purposes, sending targeted ads, and so forth. 

So, online SMS providers protect you from this risk. There’re lots of companies that offer virtual phone numbers.


OnlineSIM uses proprietary hardware and software that emulates real SIM-cards generating phone numbers for its users. If you need a private registration on any website or an app, you can use virtual phone numbers for it.

OnlineSIM offers a vast number of free and paid numbers from more than 30 countries. There’s a short and long-term number rent option available. Nobody else will use a phone number after you’ve purchased it.

When you want to create an account on PSN, just use the service from your account’s list on the OnlineSIM website. To register an account, you don’t even have to confirm it via email. Just enter any email, and that will do. Select the country needed from the list and then copy the given number to your registration form on PSN. After that, you’ll see an SMS text in your account with the confirmation code. Copy it to your registration page on PSN. That’s it; you’ve got a two-factor registration for your PSN account.


TextPlus is an app that provides its users with online virtual sim phone numbers that can be used for verification on websites or mobile apps. It is regarded as one of the top services that offer individual numbers. However, there’s one catch, time after time, Google services flag this app for spam. So, it won’t be available for registering Google accounts. But you can use it for other services.


Burner allows users to choose their own number from the list. There are many locations available to choose from. The price of a number is about 2 dollars.


TalkU is an Android app for receiving free and not expensive SMS texts. It offers free local numbers for calling and receiving messages and verifying online accounts.


Sideline could be the best service if you’re looking for a flexible service. It offers custom numbers for its users. When creating a custom number, you can select the area needed and find a second phone number for your company.

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