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Furby Boom: The Creepiest Toy for Kids

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One of the creepiest toys to ever be put into production is back. Incase you don’t know what I’m talking about, I have one word for you: Furbys.

Furby Boom


Furby Boom, now available in all stores and online, improves upon the previous Furby by having bolder designs, new personalities, a new app experience, and it has the ability to remember its name as well as the names of other Furbys. I’m sorry, but what? The very fact that Furbys do not come with an on/off switch is unsettling, but throw in the fact that they are able to communicate with other Furbys? That is all just a little too Toy Story-gone-bad for me.

The app experience is revamped and just a tad odd. You have the opportunity to set your Furby on your iPad and allow it to use the toilet. That’s right, your child can watch their Furby poop in a virtual toilet. Talk about invasion of privacy. Via the app, the Furby can also lay eggs, which hatch into “Furblings.” Once the Furblings have hatched, you must feed and take care of them. Furbucks can be earned to unlock extra features within the app. Eventually, you may even be able to unlock an entire Furby city!

This multicolored alien owl creature (but seriously, what is it?) is sure to attract any little one’s attention; why else would Hasbro create such vibrant toys? Your child will be sure to enjoy their creepy toy, but perhaps you should keep it locked up in a secure place at night. You know, just incase.

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