5 Great Ways To Teach Your Kids Good Oral Hygiene

5 Great Ways To Teach Your Kids Good Oral Hygiene

There are many important things we have to teach our kids as we prepare them for the inevitable adulthood, when they become self-responsible. Oral hygiene is one of the critical aspects for any child to take onboard.

Here are a few things that your children can do by themselves to care for their teeth and gums.

Choosing A Toothbrush

Of course, prior to choosing a toothbrush, your kids need to understand the importance of such an implement. While some might look snazzy, they might not be the best in terms of efficiency. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate is to show them a cartoon (you can find these online) that is designed to help kids grasp the correct brushing technique. Your family-friendly dentists in Crows Nest and those in your local area would advise about correct brushing. Some dentists would also likely sell a range of children’s toothbrushes.

Setting The Right Example

Make sure that your kids see you brushing and flossing. You could even make a game out of this, all brushing and flossing together. Have a discussion about foods not to eat and let your kids know when you avoid something on the list to remind them of the importance of a low-sugar diet. As we all know, kids do what we do, rather than what we tell them to do, so setting a good example helps.

Show Your Kids Tooth Decay Images

This can be a very effective way to help a young person understand what happens with tooth decay. There is an element of shock involved, but if it helps your kids to understand, then why not? Google can certainly assist by finding images of bad tooth decay and you only need to do it the once. 


Just as important for kids, flossing removes trapped food particles from between the teeth and just like brushing, there are suitable cartoons that clearly demonstrate how to floss. You could even floss for your kids to help them grasp the technique and flossing together can be great fun! You can buy brightly coloured floss, which might help to increase the excitement level.

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Have A Reward System

You could set a reward after an entire week of brushing and flossing and maybe buy some stickers that you can award. Bring up the topic of brushing and flossing now and then, which can act as a reminder. You know your kids better than anyone, so finding the right motivation shouldn’t be an issue. With you and your partner being good role models, this helps to create a good oral hygiene routine in children.

Kids Good Oral

It is our duty as parents to help our children understand the world around them and oral hygiene should be taught as early as possible. Once educated, children understand the need for correct brushing and flossing. With some careful parental observation, you can make sure they are doing what they should be regarding oral hygiene.

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