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Duets Recap: Jason Farol kills it with “Runaway Baby” and Bridget Carrington sent Home

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Jason Farol made it to the final three on duets tonight, and for the first time ever one of Jennifer Nettles partners was in the final two. And then, it all came down to John Glosson in the Bridget Carrington for a spot on the finale and Bridget Carrington lost. John Glosson made it to next week finals while John Legend showed Bridget Carrington a lot of love and let her know he thought she was definitely special.

Jennifer Nettles and J. Rome performed “Breakeven” and it was a pretty descent performance, but it didn’t seem like the track selection was a good choice for J. Rome’s voice. However the passion, energy along with the chemistry with Jennifer made up for what was missing vocally.

J. Rome admitted that he was a bit under pressure, but he performed pretty well. Robin Thicke stated that he didn’t think the song was really well for his voice and but he pulled it off. However, John Legend loved it and stated everything sounds right with j Rome voice. Kelly Clarkson with her huge Texas accent said she loved J. Rome’s performance.

Jason Farol and Kelly Clarkson sung the classic “Mrs. Jones.” One of my favorite songs from the classic soul area and Jason definitely seemed to be in his element and was nothing short of his zone. Kelly Clarkson was nothing less than marvelous as the chemistry was pretty good between the two.

interestingly, Quduus asked Jason was he available and he said “Yes.” John Legend who admitted to being pretty critical to Jason and stated this week he still wasn’t that impressed with Jason’s performance. Robin Thicke stated that the performance was great, but he felt that he could have had more chemistry with Kelly..

John Glosson and Jennifer Nettles sung “The Prayer” and it was a very inspiring performance by both singers. Both singers seemed to be in their elements and I felt like I was back home in Arkansas at church. With great reviews from all of the guests, I’m sure that America will cast a favorable vote for John.

During the solo performance portion of the show, J Rome sung Stevie Wonder’s ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” J Rome put on a very solid performance and brought some swag to the table and received a standing ovation from Jennifer Nettles.

John Glosson came onstage and soulful sung Rascal Flats “Bless The Broken Road.” John seems to know his lane musically and is very comfortable singing tear jerking inspirational ballads.

Jason Farol sung “Runaway Baby” looking like a young Frankie Valentine. His swag was in full attack and Jason seems to make up for his lack of great vocals with an excellent stage presence. I mean the kid work the stage like a ticket scalper at the Super Bowl.

In the end, Robin loved Jason’s performance and stated that he brought the house down and for the first time – John Legend gave Jason his props. However John Legend stated that he would sign J Rome to a record deal. Jennifer Nettles seemed to be partisan to Jason and Kelly Clarkson was pulling for Jason as well.