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BET Sunday Best Recap July, 22 2012: Jeremy Hill and Keith Ball Go Home

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Tonight was the first night this season that I had the chance to watch a full episode of Sunday Best on BET. Tonight’s episode started off  with JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise  singing “After This.” The theme of tonight’s show was “Lucking up when you feel like giving up.”

Kirk Franklin was dressed pretty sharp in a Bill Cosby sweater and quirky bow tie.  Gospel legend Kim Burrell was on the set tonight coaching the contestants as Michael Lampkin received praise from all of the judges during his performance.

Jeremy Hill came on and sung “Chasing After You,” but it didn’t seem like the song was a great fit for him even though he finished strong.  Donni McClurkin told Jeremy  that he sounded pretty well, but he would like to hear more of his voice.

Sara Escemilla came on a gave a excellent vocal performance. When she first started off I didn’t know what to expect, but she really can sing. All three judges felt the same, as Sara was told she needs to start as strong as she ends.

Keith Ball came onstage and sing a heartfelt rendition of “He’s Able.”  The judges seemed to like Keith’s voice and presence, but they wanted him to really step up.

Joshua Rogers who is one of this seasons favorites sung Tonex’s “God Has Not Forgot” with the passion of  The Christ.  Yolonda let Joshua know that he must be doing a great job to get a standing ovation from Kim Burrell.

“Walk with me Lord”  was the musical selection from another one of Sunday Best’s favorite Brian Luther tonight. I thought Brian did a pretty good job, however the judges felt he could of definitely brought it a little more.

Denitra  Moore came on put on what I thought was the strongest performance of tonight, but the judges thought she could of did more. Kirk made her sit down on the stool and said he was tired of her standing over his shoulders.

Just when I thought Denitra had the best performance,  Ashford Sanders  came out and sung “Millions Didn’t Make It” and completely rocked the house – as he ad-libbed about how he made it as a Sunday Best Finalist. Kirk stated that Ashford sings so good it makes him itch. All the judges loved his performance!

And, if the performance from Ashford wasn’t strong enough, Alexis Spight came on and rocked the house. She was completely full of energy and the judges said she needs to control her energy a little more.

Kizzy Walker had a really solid performance tonight as well. CiCi stated that it was strong performace, but it wasn’t as good as last weeks showing.

The two contestants that were sent home tonight were Keith Ball and Jeremy Hill.