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Beat Hazard Ultra: A Mobile Musical Game you won’t want to Miss

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I’ve covered quite a few musical games for this site, but I have never encountered one quite like Beat Hazard Ultra. It’s not your typical music game either as you’re not going to play trivia or tap out beats in time. Instead of doing the usual you’ll get soar through the stars blasting away at enemies while listening to some tunes… kind of.

Beat Hazard Ultra is actually a dual-stick space shooter that uses music as a backdrop. Each level in Beat Hazard Ultra is actually made based on any song from your phone, so in a nutshell “your” music makes the game. The geniuses at Cold Beam Games worked some kind of technical magic to where your weapons power and enemies vary depending on the song being played. It’s like one of those psychedelic musical screen saver apps that’s been done up as a game… that’s jacked up on steroids and Red Bull partying till 3 AM. Yeah, it can get pretty intense depending on your playlist. The game has 4 modes of play, a slew of power-ups and some of the most insane visuals you’ll ever see in a space shooter.

Beat Hazard Ultra is one of those games I’ve been meaning to play for a while now, and man am I finally glad I did. The demo got about a 3-minute play before I went ahead and bought the game, probably one of the quicker purchases I’ve made to be honest. If you’re looking for something different and a whole lotta’ fun I highly recommend checking out Beat Hazard Ultra. There’s a limited demo you can check out, while the full version gives you all kinds of cool features including internet multiple game modes and internet radio. You can pick up both versions of Cold Beam Games Beat Hazard Ultra on Google Play or the App store at the links below.

Beat Hazard Ultra for Android

Beat Hazard Ultra for Apple