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5 New Shows To Watch This Spring

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With the spring comes even more new TV shows to try out. Sadly, more times than not, new shows don’t even last a full season, let alone more than five episodes. (I’m looking at you, Mind Games.) The television industry can be incredibly hard on new shows, rarely giving them the fighting chance they deserve. (Like Sean Saves the World. I want Sean Hayes back, darn it!) Here are five promising new shows that you should be tuning into each week. Let’s all hope and pray the ratings gods don’t obliterate them before they reach their full potential.

1. Playing House



USA, Tuesdays 10/9C

I can tell you that this show is one everyone and their best friend should watch. Coming from the creative and hilarious minds of Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair—who had previously created and costarred in the adorable Best Friends Forever show that sadly only lasted six episodes (I’m still heartbroken about it)—Playing House is bound to make you laugh out loud.

Playing House is about two best friends, Maggie and Emma. When Maggie discovers that her husband has been cheating on her, she and Emma move in together and try to prepare to raise Maggie’s child together. The fact that the women who play Maggie and Emma are best friends in real life is enough reason to watch it. Plus, they’re both stinking hilarious. For real.


2. About a Boy



Tuesdays, NBC 9/8C

About a Boy, originally a book by Nick Hornby and adapted into a movie in 2002, stars David Walton, Benjamin Stockham, and Minnie Driver as slightly dysfunctional neighbors. Sure, Will (Walton) is a player, unemployed, and wealthy, but his love for Marcus (Stockham) wins you over immediately. Throw in Fiona’s (Driver) quirkiness and you’ve got a heartwarming show that will keep you coming back each week.


3. Growing Up Fisher



Tuesdays, NBC 9:30/8:30C

Based on a real-life family, Growing Up Fisher follows a recently divorced couple and their two kids. Let’s not forget that the dad is blind—who had been pretending to have sight for years and got away with it! Genius and incredibly impressive. An adorable family show, plus it’s Jenna Elfman. Who doesn’t love Jenna Elfman? NO ONE.


4. Surviving Jack



Thursdays, FOX 9:30/8:30C

Remember the ‘90s? The silly leftover styles of the ‘80s combined with grunge? Yeah, that’s Surviving Jack. Anyone else feel super old that they are now doing television shows based on the ‘90s? Because I do. I feel super old. Surviving Jack is about a family whose dad (Christopher Meloni) has to take on a much more hands-on role when the mother starts law school. Jack (Meloni) is fantastically twisted, but his wife is my favorite. It’s about time that Rachael Harris becomes a main character on a show. She is fantastic. Here’s a little snippet of just what this show is like:

Joanne (Harris): “Asking your kid to be better than you are is the weirdest part about being a parent. Well, the weirdest part is watching a human shred through your lady cave.”


Joanne: “Grow up. You were there.”

She’s the best.


5. Friends With Better Lives



Mondays, CBS 8:30/7:30C

Friends With Better Lives is a comedy about a group of friends at different stages of life: married, divorced, recently engaged, and very very single. Though this show can be a tad over the top—see the scene where one girl is eating a cheeseburger in the most sexual way possible and the cheeseburger “ejaculates” mayonnaise—it is still funny. There is one character that makes the show—and if she were to leave, the show would be no more. That character is Kate, played by Zoe Lister Jones. Sarcastic, blunt, and very single, she makes the show worth watching.

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