Six New Podcasting Trends To Watch In 2020


The evolving needs of customers are making marketers think out of the box to come up with unique tactics. Although podcasts established their name in the market, in the coming years, this industry is likely to grow significantly. Podcasts have a very easy to consume content, allowing people to learn new things about businesses and cope up with the changing trends.

These promote unique and useful content. Some shows invite people from all around the world to throw light on upcoming technological trends. If you are wondering how to get started, then look for these six new podcasting trends to watch in 2020.

1. Increasing Competition

Previously, many companies have been leading the podcast industry, fighting a battle to win the top spot in the market. Well, this is not how things would continue since Spotify is making its way to become the market leader. Hence, all other players in the market would continue to target millennials and generation Z with their new techniques and innovative content.

At the same time, the leading digital platforms are trying their best to step into the market. Hence in the coming years, you would see Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, making their audio space. So, in the coming years, things are going to get intense and highly competitive. All these giants would try to publish the most exceptional content on their podcasting platform.

2. Provides Data-Driven User Experience

Do you think anyone would listen to the podcasts if they don’t find it interesting? Of course, not. Hence, the marketers are creating a data-driven user experience that revolves around the trends people want. Businesses can also use it to leverage data and gain customer insights to predict trends. However, if you’re going to see how it works, opt for designrr podcast transcription to understand it properly.

The users are enjoying the podcasts and generating data at the same time. Producers and marketers know how many people finished the entire episode and how many of them left it in the middle. Thus, giving them a clear picture of whether their content is appealing to the users or not. Hence, the aim to create content engaging enough to keep people hooked during an entire episode. Look below to see how?

  • Don’t drag the topic, be specific, and to the point but elaborative enough for people to understand. After all, if they miss out on any point, there is no option to rewind.
  • Offer convenience for users, which means don’t make them download apps or ask for unnecessary signups. Just give out a link for smooth accessibility.
  • Refrain from overloading the users with information, only focus on completing one topic in one episode.

3. High-Quality Content

Previously, marketers had the leverage to promote any sort of content. After all, the competition wasn’t intense, nor you had the threat of losing your position. However, things are no longer the same; only high-quality content can make your way in the market. Podcasts are all about enriched content to attract a different market since the focus is on millennia’s and generation Z.

Therefore, you have to focus on creating smarter content, something that caters to the youth. Besides, you have all the tools to come up with better topics like audience research to understand the audience.

Alongside content, excellent audio quality is also essential. Although people listen to podcasts on their way back to work or while working out, they are not willing to sacrifice on sound quality.

4. Evolution of New Niches

With the growing industry, it has many surprises for customers and businesses. You would notice the changing topics and expanding niches. Don’t you see people becoming more socially responsible? Similarly, podcasts are covering many topics like eco-friendly packaging, benefits of the plantation, and sustainable living. However, this is not it.

Even the formats of podcasts are evolving very quickly. You would come across a monologue where a person would be sharing information on your preferable subjects. Similarly, there are podcasts with multiple hosts and round table podcasts, which invite guests from around the world. If you notice, there are no potential barriers to entry in this industry; anyone can start a podcast. Hence, you would witness many new topics in the coming years.

5. Promotes Programming Advertising

Do you know how artificial intelligence has impacted marketing? In short, it is changing how things work with the invention of many new things. Similarly, programming advertising is becoming very popular since it holds the bag for optimizing ads. It is a way to introduce listeners to advertisements during the podcasts, increasing engagement and interactions.

However, this not just any other advertising but promotes highly authentic ads to enhance user experience. Remember, the aim is not to shoot commercials to the listeners to annoy them, preferably relevant to the topic. Program advertising is using artificial intelligence, which means it would automate relevant ads, respecting the listener’s time they are giving to the podcasts.

6. Listeners are Engaging with Podcasts

Do you see the rising trend of influencers? People look up to these people and believe their word of mouth. Hence, brands are also collaborating with these influencers to establish a target market and develop close relations with them. Well, the podcast hosts are more or less like influencers who overwhelm the people by their thoughts and views.

All of them have a great connection with listeners, which helps them promote products to them very quickly. Hence, listeners engage with the podcasts and have a different concentration level compared to interacting with social media posts. If you continue to promote better quality content with an enthusiastic host, people won’t do n’ mind giving a shot to listening to it.

Wrapping Up

Every business is looking forward to new marketing practices and strategies to make their business climb the stairs of success. Podcasts have become very popular, and there is nothing wrong with trying your luck with it. After all, you never know what works for your business. So, before getting started, look out for these six new podcast trends in 2020.

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