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10 Interesting Facts about Tyler, The Creator

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Not many people know the real facts about who Tyler Gregory Okonma is, but damn near everyone knows who Tyler, The Creator is. From his crazy lyrics, crazier videos, and his TV Show Loiter Squad he’s definitely made a name for himself over the past few years. You’ll  have to keep in mind that Tyler really doesn’t enjoy interviews, so while you “think” most of the true facts about Tyler the Creator have already been revealed – you just never know when OFWGFTA is involved….

1. As mentioned Tyler, The Creator is actually Tyler Okonma. He was born in 1991 to a Nigerian father while his mother is of African-American and white Canadian descent.

2. When Tyler was 7 years old he still had big dreams of fame as he would take create his own cover art for his own imaginary albums. He even went as far as to create tracklists with song times before he could even create music!

3. Tyler was in a gifted program in school, and he also attended a whopping 12 different schools in 12 years of school which is really insane when you think about it.

4. Tyler has always been the creative type. At age 13 he won the Middle School Talent show at Dana Middle in Hawthorne, California.He also taught himself to play Piano at the age of 14.

5. Tyler is known for not pulling any punches and has “dissed” quite a few artists in several different tracks. What you might not know is that his “Hate Rhymes” are usually about artists he actually likes

6. Some sources have reported that Tyler is Straight Edge, meaning he doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. Tyler has admitted (we think) to doing a bit of the old cocainia’ but only in small amounts as he already knows he’s going to be a coke head. His words… not ours lol.
tyler the creator

7. Tyler is actually asthmatic and has severe asthma problem. He routinely takes hits from his Asthma inhaler onstage during shows.

8. Tyler has actually been arrested, but it wasn’t for maiming anyone or verbal assault. He got popped in 2011 during a show at the Roxy and was charged with “suspicion of vandalism” for allegedly destroying sound equipment. He was subsequently released on $20,000 bail.

9. According to his twitter he is highly allergic to dogs, but would never rape or kill a cat because he loves them. If you watch Odd Future you’ve also noticed a big cat theme going on, so it’s pretty safe to say the man digs cats.

10. Tyler has been put through the wringer about his use of the word “faggot” in his lyrics and on Twitter. Tyler isn’t homophobic and has plenty of gay fans who don’t find the word offensive in the least. He’s also been slammed for his graphics depictions against women, and used the word “Bitch” around 60 times on Goblin. Needless to say Tyler doesn’t hate Women either contrary to what Canadian Pop Duo Tegan and Sara think. Tyler had a nice response to them as well, and if you want to find out what it was just click here lol…

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