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10 Interesting Facts About ‘Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta’s’ Joseline Hernandez

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If you watch Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, then you should know who Joseline Hernandez is.  For those of you who don’t know, look at the picture above and that should be enough to let you know.  If not, she’s an aspiring artist trying to make it big with her music. Like I said earlier, she’s a cast mate on Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, a reality TV show on VH1 full of drama, drama, drama, and, oh, did I mention drama? Well, here are ten facts you may not have known about Ms. Hernandez.



  1. Many people believe Hernandez is a man.  This one may not be so ‘fun’ but there are many websites and articles dedicated to exposing Joseline, or Joseph, as a man.
2.  According to her VH1 Love and Hip-Hop profile, Joseline was a stripper.  Also, she was a personal trainer.  That could explain why her physique is structured the way it is.
3.  Hernandez is a criminal.  Well, not really but she was arrested in 2003 for Lewd acts in Miami. For more info, see fact nine.  Maybe she was posing naked for some photos, which brings us to…

Since her nude photo was very NSFW, you get this gem instead.


4. Hernandez has posted nude photos of herself on her Twitter account.  It was a way to show people that she wasn’t born a man.


5.  She’s boriqua.  She was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Miami when she was ten.  Also, she has a pretty big family being one of six children.
6. Since her family was struggling to make ends meet, she began dancing at 16, according to an interview with Global Grind.  She would bring home upwards of $1,000 a month to help her mother and stepfather.  Her real father died of a drug overdose.
7. She does a lot of lunges.  She says her butt is the real deal because she works out her backend.
8. She also goes by the name Shenellica Bettencourt, or used to.  See fact 9.
9. Remember when I said she was arrested in fact three? Well, it turns out she “may” have been a prostitute on the streets of Miami, according to Diary of a Hollywood Street King.  She was known to use the name given in fact eight.
10. This one is also not so “fun.” Her ‘alleged pimp’ died of AIDS some years and people have urged her to get tested.  Read the full article here at Diary of a Hollywood Street King.


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