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10 Interesting Facts About Benzino

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After twenty plus years in the music business, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Raymond “Benzino” Scott’s career has come full circle. From rapping, beefing, and publishing the pint size mogul has been through it all. Below are ten interesting facts we bet you didn’t know about Benzino.

1. Benzino launched the Source Magazine in 1988 as a single sheet newsletter with his long time friend David Mays.

2. Sexual harassment claims and an epic beef with rapper Eminem led to Benzino relinquishing his post at the Source Magazine.

3. Benzino began his rap career as a member of Boston, Massachusetts rap crew The Almighty RSO.

4. Benzino and his production crew produced the intro song on Nas’ classic album “Stillmatic.”

5. After selling the Source Magazine, Benzino and David Mays launched their bi-monthly magazine “Hip Hop Weekly.”

6. Benzino’s son Cool Breeze Ray is an aspiring rapper and was once in a a group with Big Pun’s son Baby Pun.

7. From 1999-2004, Benzino was a member of the Hip Hop group Made Men who made their first appearance on Dj Clue’s “The Professional.”

8. Benzino’s biggest single was “Rock The Party” which featured Bad Boy Records producer Mario Winans.

9.Benzino once owned a late night spot in Miami called Club Zinos.

10. Benzino is currently dating his Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast mate Karlie Redd.

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    What were you expecting an epiphany? If this is a waste of your time, try watching a full episode of LOve and hp hop!

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    He’s old and still sexy

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    Benzino is an industry joke….

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    Benzino never launched The Source by the way..

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