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10 Fun Facts about American Idol’s Newest Judge Keith Urban

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Keith Urban is a name most people are familiar with especially if you’re into Country Music. The country superstar has made headlines recently for joining the judges’ panel on the upcoming season of American Idol, and with that in mind we thought it would be a good time for another one of our lists. Without further ado, Sosoactive.com proudly presents 10 Fun Facts about Keith Urban.

1. Did you know that American Idol isn’t Keith’s first reality show gig? He was actually a judge on the Australian version of “The Voice” last year. It was only a one season gig though as Keith announced he wouldn’t be coming back for season 2.

2. Staying with the reality/singing completion angle did you know that Keith was actually a contestant a similar show when he was 9 years old? The judge on the show told Keith “I encourage you to get out of country music, just get rid of that nonsense and get into some real music”. Several awards, 6 platinum albums, and 14 #1 singles says that that judge kind of missed the mark on that one.

3. If you’ve ever listened to Keith’s music you know he’s quite good, and he’s just as  ‘twangy’ as some other country artists from the deep south. What’s odd about that? Well, Keith isn’t from America, but is actually from New Zealand even though he started his career in Australia which just happens to be the native land of his wife Nicole Kidman.

4. Keith Urban is mainly known for his talented vocals and guitar playing, but did you know he can also play the sitar, banjo, keyboard, drums, piano, mandolin, and bass guitar?

5. Everyone gets their inspiration from somewhere and Keith is no different. A few of his favorite songs are ‘You Look so Good in Love’ by George Straight, and ‘Heart of the Matter’ (great song) by Don Henley. Some of the artists that influenced Keith include Ronnie Milsap, Glen Campbell, Fleetwood Mac, Freddie Mercury, and the great Don Williams.

6. Keith is obviously a very popular musician, but even I was impressed by this little fact. Keith has amassed a whopping 14 #1 singles so far in his career with his latest being ‘You Gonna Fly’ which was put out this year.

7. Almost everyone has had a nickname growing up and Keith was no different as his brothers dubbed him ‘Suburban’ when he was a child.

8. Having a nickname growing up it’s only natural that Keith would also throw a nickname on one of his children. So what did Keith & Nicole name Sunday Rose? Raccoon as she likes to get into everything just like most children do!

9. People love their tattoos, and Keith Urban is no different as he has 4 tattoos himself. Keith rocks an American Eagle, a tribal Phoenix, and two tattoos dedicated to his wife Nicole Kidman.

10. Two of Keith Urban’s favorite actresses are Sally Field and Susan Sarandon. While we don’t disagree that both those ladies are very talented, we were wondering where his wife Nicole Kidman ranks on that list.