Why You Should Visit A Chiropractor For Your Spinal Injury After A Car Accident

Why You Should Visit A Chiropractor For Your Spinal Injury After A Car Accident

Spine injuries from car accidents have been on the rise. Statistics by the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCSC) reveal car accidents are gradually becoming the number one cause of spinal cord injuries.

Though severe injuries of the spine could require surgery, many spinal injuries respond well to chiropractic care and heal without much difficulty. A spinal injury if left untreated can become worse very quickly.

A spinal injury can lead to pain in your neck, back, or shoulders. Do not self-diagnose. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, a medical examination is a must.

It’s crucial you get a thorough chiropractic evaluation after you’ve been involved in a car crash. Don’t let that acute spinal pain become unbearable and difficult to treat. Schedule an appointment with an auto injury doctor near you in Florida, and receive a holistic solution.

Delayed Treatment Could Cause Long-term Harm To Your Spine

Not getting to a car accident injury doctor on time, can worsen your pain and aggravate the injury. Don’t let that nagging back pain become chronic and affect your quality of life. Keep a watch out for the following symptoms:

  • Severe pain at the site of injury
  • Numbness and pinching sensation
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Loss of urinary or bowel control
  • Decreased mobility

Know Your Spine Injuries

The column that supports your back and provides balance to the entire body, is made up of 33 bones. Between every bone or vertebra in your spinal column there is a cushion-like disc protection present. These discs prevent the vertebrae from rubbing and pushing against each other and causing friction and pain.

When your spine gets injured or fractured during a car accident, the vertebrae injure or break from the impact. When the vertebrae break, they can end up pinching the spinal cord or even severing it. Any injury to the spinal cord hampers the relay of messages between the brain and the body.

The impact of a car accident can also cause intervertebral discs to get dislodged and squeeze out of their original position. This causes a medical condition known as herniated disc. The displaced disc presses against the surrounding nerves and causes nerve pain.

See A Chiropractor For Your Spinal Injuries

Still not sure if the pain that’s bothering you is due to a spinal injury? For a proper diagnosis and treatment of your spinal injuries visit our accident clinic in Miami, FL immediately.

Our team of experienced and qualified chiropractors across Florida have helped thousands of car accident victims with their spinal injuries. We know the extent to which spinal injuries can impact your life and understand how painful they can be.

Regular and appropriate chiropractic care not only eliminates your chronic back pain but also realigns your injured spine and restores it back to health. Corrective chiropractic helps stabilize the vertebrae and prevents them from further damage.

If you have undergone surgery to your spine, visit our auto injury doctor near you for rehabilitation and chiropractic care. We will ensure you heal naturally without depending on drugs for life.

For a customized treatment plan visit our injury treatment center in Miami or call for appointment at 305-389-9040 today. You can also write to us at for more information.

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