Why Mangastream is Better than MangaFox for Reading Manga Online?


Manga is like any other comic book that you have out there, but it is generally targeted towards a bigger audience. You can find manga shows for kids as well as adults. There is a wide range of genres to explore that once you get started with it, you won’t want to stop. 

Finding the best Manga website is essential for having an excellent reading experience online. And for that, Mangastream is your best choice. There are other websites like mangaFox that you can check out, but we have found Mangastream to be the best and the most intuitive way of reading manga online.

Here are some reasons why we believe that Mangastream is better than mangaFox


  • Rich User Interface


The very first thing that we would like to talk about is the user interface. At the most basic level, it is easy to navigate. It looks great and makes things quite easy for you. You can easily understand what is going on across all sections of the UI and how you can make the most out of it. For example, you would find a search bar at the top that you can use to look for and read the manga that you want to read. This removes the overhead of scrolling through multiple categories for finding your favorite manga.        


  • Engaging User Experience


The user experience that this website has to offer is quite rich and engaging. It offers fast loading speed, excellent manga quality and facilitates easy navigation across all sections of the website. You can read your favorite manga in a smooth and uninterrupted environment. You won’t find annoying ads and pop-ups here that ruin your user experience when reading manga online.        


  • HD Manga Print 


The manga quality that you get here at Mangastream is remarkable. The print is HD and you can even see the tiniest bits of details with ease. Unlike psychical manga books, you won’t find any mess ups with the quality here. Since it is digital, there won’t be misprint problems and the manga quality would be great which makes reading even more fun for you.    


  • Fast Loading Speed 


Being a free website, you would expect it to have a low loading speed. But that is just not the case. This website loads up faster than MangaFox and all the other manga platforms that you have out there. If you have a stable internet connection, the manga should show up real fast. The overall loading speed of the website is also pretty great and makes navigation easier for you. 


  • Huge Variety of Manga Series 


This website offers a huge collection of Manga series that you can read online. It removes the need of carrying around manga books with you and for saving up space for keeping those books. You can get access to thousands of manga with this website. Being one of the oldest manga websites, it has the biggest collection of manga series for you to check out.  


  • Not Many Ads  


This website doesn’t have a lot of ads. Unlike MangaFox, the ads here are all relevant and not so distracting. You would find a few ads and pop-ups on the homepage but when you get into reading a chapter of your favorite manga, you won’t find any kind of ads there which is pretty cool. It is free to use and easy to access which are the best features of this website.   


  • Mobile App Available


This website also has a mobile app for you to try out. You won’t have to login to your PC for reading manga. You can access the website through your mobile phone and there is an apk version out there that you can install on your Phone for an even more ease of access. There are not many websites out there that offer this level of ease of access.   

Final Words  

That’s all there is to it. These are the best features of Mangastream that make it better than MangaFox and all the other manga platforms out there. You can learn more about this website and its best alternatives at Past News. Make sure to check Mangastream out for an immersive manga reading experience online. It would be a great choice for people who are casual readers and the don’t want to go for a paid manga website. Let us know what you think about this website in the comments section.

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