Why Is SERP Tracking Important And Beneficial

Why Is SERP Tracking Important And Beneficial

SERP, short for the Search Engine Results Page, is the search engine’s response to a user query. In short, the results that appear on a Google page after typing something is called SERP. SERPs include advertisements, organic searches, knowledge snippets, videos, and more.

Now, coming to the chief question, why is SERP tracking important?

SERP tracking helps you track where exactly you appear in the search results. A lower ranking means lower visibility, lower conversion rates. On the other hand, a higher ranking implies high conversion rates.

Read on to have detailed information on SERP tracking, why it is important, and various SEO tools you can use for SERP tracking.

Importance Of SERP Tracking

The world today runs on digital means. Therefore, to make a place for your business in the market, you need to make sure that you have the right digital image. Now, how do you do that? How do you sustain your company’s image on the internet?

SERPs are integral for any business, having an online presence, no matter the scale. Higher up in the SERPs makes it more likely for the customers to find you. Therefore, SERP tracking is indispensable nowadays.

In order to increase the traffic to your website, it is paramount that your customers are able to find it. This is where SERP tracking helps you by telling you where exactly you rank on a search engine result page. This lets you know if your SEO efforts have been fruitful or not.

The importance of SERP tracking is as follows:

Track Competitors

Tracks your competitors’ ranks so that you can compare and accordingly identify your strengths and weaknesses. The premium checker tools can also give you suggestions on how to outrank your competitors.

SERP checking can also let you know from where your competitors are getting their backlinks. Accordingly, you can gain inspiration on where to get yours.

Tracks if you are gaining or losing visibility

SERP rankings are susceptible to fluctuations. However, SERP tracker tools use visual data like graphs to show if your visibility is increasing or decreasing on the search engine pages.

Thus, you will get to know if the rankings are consistently low. Accordingly, an appropriate marketing strategy could be adapted to cope with low rankings.

Identifying keywords

A SERP checker will find relevant keywords for your content. Keywords are words most frequently searched by the users. Once you identify the user needs, you can easily cater to them by providing the exact information they need.

Helps you monitor ranks across search engines

SERP trackers can help you monitor the rank of your website across various search engines. This lets you compare your success on different search engines.

For instance, if the content has considerably low rankings in comparison to other search engines, then this calls for some changes in your SEO strategy.

Notifies when your rankings drop so that you can look into your SEO strategy and amend it

SERP tracking tools can notify you when your rankings drop. This helps you look into the matter as soon as possible. You can accordingly make changes to your strategy in order to raise your falling rankings.

The Best SERP ranking tool available in the market

SERP checking is certainly the most comprehensive tool if you are looking for SERP ranking tools. This tool contains a range of features like keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and SERP tracking.

The best part is that WhatsMySerp’s SERP checker is absolutely free! Yes, it is not a trick here.

How does the SERP checker work?

The SERP checker is divided into four sections, website URL, location, keywords, and devices.

You simply need to add these details and sit back, watch the magic! After successful completion of the task, the SERP checker will present the top 100 Google search results for a particular keyword.

Further, your SERP ranking will be highlighted in order to save you the trouble of scrolling through different pages. With over millions of users, WMS’s features include rank tracking, backlinking, keyword search, analyzing competitors, and more. The tool also lets you perform a side-by-side comparison with your competitor.


The basic version is free. This includes the SERP checker. The Premium version starts at $4.99 per month. Pricing is affordable in comparison to other SERP rank checkers.

It is an all-in-one tool for digital marketers and business professionals. Its SERP tracking tool lets you monitor SERP movements at the international as well as local level.

Summing Up

Thus, in a world driven by SEO, SERP tracking is indispensable. Rank tracking can provide you information on where you stand amidst your competitors. Various SERP trackers like WhatsMySerp can help you in this task.

Since SERP rankings fluctuate, using an appropriate SERP ranking tool can make you aware of the ranking fluctuations. These tools also provide suggestions to improve your website’s rank.

SERP tracking can help trace relevant keywords, track competitors, track if you are gaining or losing visibility, help you monitor ranking across search engines, notify about falling rankings, and more.

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