Which One Is Tops: Bag Filter Housing or Cartridge Filter Housing?

Which One Is Tops Bag Filter Housing or Cartridge Filter Housing

In many industries, including food and beverage, chemical processing, industrial water treatment, and solvents, bag filtration is suitable. The size of the bag filter housing and the medium determines how much junk is pulled out of the liquid. There are several bag possibilities when it comes to liquid bag filtration.

A filter housing is a shell that can be made of metal or plastic and is designed to house a filter bag or cartridge. Bag housings and cartridge housings are used in the industrial filtration sector to filter both liquids and gases. They each have a significant impact on the way filtration is done. You have to be sure you understand the various contrasts between the two kinds of housings to select the right one for your use.

We’ll show you how to choose between a bag filter housing and a cartridge filter housing by going over the primary distinctions between the two in this post.

Why Use Bag Filter Housing

You can purchase bag filter housings online or in-store. You can buy only one bag or a series of filters. Liquid washes through the bags, carrying away any big pieces of trash or particles that could be left behind.

Most of the time, bag filtration systems will provide a more affordable option. Bag filtration systems normally have a lower cost per gallon filtered than any other. Single-layer bags, which are not very expensive, work similar to cartridges and have fewer drawbacks.

Bag filter housings are suitable for many kinds of industrial applications, ranging from heavy industry to small home businesses.


  • Used for cooling water used in power plants
  • Cooling down tower loops
  • Machine coolants
  • Paints & coatings
  • Personal drinking water


  • Power Generation
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Paint/coating manufacturers

Bag Media:

  • Limited choices in regards to media
    • Offered are polypropylene and polyester felt
    • Nylon mesh are the standard media options
    • There are also some multifilament felts
    • Multi-layer bags offer a higher performance


  • Considered to be a lower-cost option when compared to cartridge filtration
  • A single bag can handle flows of 100-150 GPM and usually costs just a few dollars per bag

Why Use Cartridge Filter Housing

Cartridge filter housings are beneficial because they allow water flow capacity and pollutant retention capabilities to vary widely. This versatility lets them fulfill multiple functions. When it comes to achieving precise filtration, a cartridge filter housing system is a good alternative.

In contrast to filtration bags, which only have an option for wide filters, cartridge filters come in an assortment of materials and micron retentions, from ultrafilters to large filters. Higher surface areas were obtained by pleating cartridge filter media. A cartridge housing has many uses. They range in size and are capable of holding one cartridge or numerous cartridges.


  • Cartridge filtration can be used in almost any application, provided the materials are compatible
  • Use metal cartridges for high-temperature filtration where polymeric material will not work


  • Power Generation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Life Sciences / Bio-Technology
  • Chemical Processing
  • Drinking-Water & Process Water

Cartridge Media:

  • A wide variety of media are available
    • Materials include: polyester sulfone PES, PTFE, stainless steel, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, PVDF,


  • Higher cost when you compare it to bag filtration

Have You Decided?

Many applications require filtration; because of this, many housings have been created for those scenarios. Different housings serve different filtration requirements, and selecting a specific housing all depends on the requirements of each situation. After reading this blog, is it difficult to decide between two of the choices you have?

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