Which Destination to Choose For a Family Trip?


The world offers us thousands of destinations to visit. Where can we go with young children? Or which countries would appreciate teenagers? All your answers are here …

Vacation with young children

In Rome, Italy

Rome is ideal for cultural visits with your small ones. Although the cobblestones of most neighborhoods do not make strolling easier, the city lends itself to long walks and brings awe and discovery to every corner.

For the rest of your stay in Rome, your child will be welcomed with pleasure, the Italians love children and everything is suitable for them: highchairs and homemade mashed potatoes in restaurants, toys and popular beds in hotels, etc.

Only downside: Italians can be noisy in public places and in restaurants, which can scare or quickly tire children.

Sri Lanka

With a time, difference of only 3h30, a trip to Sri Lanka is suitable for a trip with a baby. The tropical climate is pleasant all year except during the monsoon season, from May to the end of August. This country is full of Buddhist and Hindu temples and protected natural places with animal species that your little one will not see anywhere else so close. The hygiene conditions are good and only conventional vaccines must be up to date.

For travel, the best is the baby gate during walks and a private driver for the car. Indeed, the code of the road in Sri Lanka is not respected and the number of animals appearing on the road suggests having a driver for more security.

Vacation with teenagers

United States

The United States is teens’ 3rd favorite destination for a trip to the world. Although they have a vast territory, they are renowned for their road trips, the best way to discover the country, especially the west coast. Hooters Casino Hotel is the perfect place to stay while touring the United States.

This type of trip lasts between one week and fifteen days depending on the itinerary, days during which a family will never have time to be bored! The best-known stopover cities in the west are the Arizona and Utah parks (Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, Arches …), Las Vegas, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Universal Studios. The American food is of course at the rendezvous and will always be to the taste of your big children.

This trip will leave everyone with memories of magnificent and gigantic landscapes, and surely little family anecdotes that will remain memorable …

In Toronto, Canada

Toronto is a bustling Canadian city where a family with teenagers could have a good time. The city is full of activities like the Ripley Aquarium in Canada with its 16,000 specimens of marine animals, CN Tower, a 553.33-meter tower that offers breathtaking views of Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum or still the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The highly diversified food can only be appreciated by a teenager, who will enjoy Poutine (fries covered with cheese sauce), take a tour of the international food market Kensington Market and discover Asian / Ontario specialties in Chinatown. Less than 2 hours from Toronto, Niagara Falls is a must-see natural sight in the area that will appeal to the whole family.

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