What Kind Of Preparation Is Required Before Painting Your Home

What Kind Of Preparation Is Required Before Painting Your Home

Painting your home can be one of the easiest ways to beautify your living space. But however much easy it sounds, you need to prepare your interior and exterior walls, before actually the painting.

We have scooped a list of 7 things to prepare before painting your home. Keep reading!

  • Cleaning the walls: For cleaning the walls that are supposed to be painted new, you can try using a vacuum cleaner or even some cloth-like towel. Outer walls, room walls can be cleaned easily but you will need extra material for cleaning kitchen and bathroom walls. You can use some detergent solution to clean the sticky stains on these walls. Allow them to dry before starting your process of painting.
  • Remove the older paint: By wear and tear, old paint starts getting cracked and flaked. Remove it by using a paint scraper or sandpaper. Electric sanders can be used if you are trying to remove paint on some large portion of your wall.
  • Repair what is damaged: Preparing for painting does not just mean cleaning and smoothing of walls. It can also involve repairing the parts of your home/walls that are damaged. Patches of plaster or cracks near doors and windows need to be repaired before starting the painting process. Inspect your home carefully and use a sealant to fill every gap you find.
  • Repair what is damaged and not visible: We have talked about repairing patches of old plaster or cracks. But these are just some problems that are clearly visible. There can be some flaws that you cannot see. Use a utility light and bring it very close to the wall. Move the light up and down. You will find many flaws that were earlier not visible. Mark them with some kind of light marker so that you can repair or smoothen them later.
  • Apply primer first: You must apply primer to walls before painting them. Use an exterior-grade oil-based primer, especially on exterior walls. The primary job of a primer is to act as an adhesive that increases the durability of the paint. It is necessary that your new paint sticks up for a long period of time.  The prices of paint can shake your budget a little. If you check it online, even Asian paints price 20 litres can make you sure about using a primer for durability.
  • Trim plants and trees: While painting on the exterior sides, plants and bushes can come in the painting job if they are grown too near to the wall. Landscape and trim your plants before painting if you don’t want to fight thorns with your brush. Not only for your safety, but trimming can also increase the foliage life as your plants won’t come in contact with the paint.

Liked our tips? Well, here are two more actionable bonus tips:

  • Turn off big electric appliances and cover them with plastic and tape.
  • Rinse your entire house with clean water. You can use a garden hose to do this job.

We have pretty much covered all the things to do before painting a house. Still, just to be extra sure, call up some professional painters to ask them the same. Aapka Painter is especially dedicated to answering any queries on call. Not only preparation, but we can also assist you with choosing wall color combination, giving you an expense quote, and doing the final job of painting. Don’t hesitate. professional Houston Texas residential painters with years of experience are just a call away.

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