What Is Cisco Certification Test?

What Is Cisco Certification Test

Cisco is the world’s leading provider of network solutions. Cisco’s name comes from San Francisco, where there is the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. Cisco is a manufacturer and the ancestor of IT Network. Most network engineer recruitment positions require candidates to have Cisco Certification. It is an international authoritative certification in the field of Internet. Cisco Certification is divided into three levels: CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate (Primary), CCNP Cisco Certified Network Engineer (Intermediate) and CCIE Cisco Certified Internet Expert (Expert). The examination contents and value of those three are quite different.

It only needs to pass a written examination to obtain the CCNA Certification. The certificate is valid for three years. Re-certification requires a new CCNA Examination.

It needs to pass 3-4 written examinations to obtain CCNP Certification, and the certificate is valid for 3 years. The re-certification of the certificate must pass any of the CCNP written examinations or the existing CCIE written examinations within the validity of the certificate, and the CCNA Certificate must not expire.

It not only needs to pass the written test (the result is valid for 18 months), but also needs to participate in the Lab Test, including TS (troubleshooting), DIAG (Diagnose) and CFG (Configuration). Therefore, among those three, CCIE Certification Test is the most difficult, but CCIE also has the highest value, which is recognized as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry all over the world, It is the world’s top in the field of Networking. At present, only more than 50,000 people hold CCIE Certification (including all directions of CCIE).

Since you must take the CCNA Certification Exam before you take the CCNP Certification Exam, and you do not need to take the CCNA Certification Exam and CCNP Certification Exam to take the CCIE Certification Exam, you can apply directly. Therefore, we suggest that candidates directly choose to apply for the CCIE Certification, which can save us USD 895 in the examination fee. In the latest version of Cisco Certification 2020, candidates can directly take CCNP test without CCNA. In addition, the examination fee has also been adjusted accordingly. Please consult us for more details!

Obtaining CCIE Certification not only proves that your technology reaches the Expert Level and is recognized and affirmed by the IT industry, but also will greatly improve your salary. It is not only a symbol of honor, but also an embodiment of self-worth. Why are you still waiting? Come to SPOTO and start your dream!

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