What Is A Cruiser Bike For Cruising The Beach?

What is a Cruiser Bike for Cruising the Beach

A cruiser bike might not be the most popular bike in the world of bikes. It, however, is one of the most expensive bikes that can be gotten by a regular person. Due to the amount you have to part with to get a cruiser bike, it can be easily classified as a premium bike.

All things being equal, cruiser bikes feature great seat cushions and have seats with low placed heights.

When riding on a cruiser bike, you do not have to worry about being cramped. The reason for this is quite straightforward. Cruiser bikes were designed in a way that a rider can stretch their leg completely. Furthermore, the low seat that this bike features makes it easy to stretch the hands to the full when riding. When riding this bike, a rider gets to seat in a position that is almost upright and this provides a good degree of comfort.

How is a Cruiser Bike Designed?

Cruiser bikes have a feel that is entirely different from those of other bikes because they have a different design.Their handlebars are high and wide. Due to this, they help a rider have a special riding posture. This posture is comfortable. However, beyond just being comfortable, cruiser bikes make it easy to have a great view of the road.

Although the handlebars of the bike make it comfortable for riders, that is not the only reason riders are comfortable when on this bike. One other reason for the level of comfort associated with riding the cruiser bike is the position of the foot pegs. The foot pegs that come with the cruiser bikes are positioned close to the engine of the bike. The position of the foot pegs makes sitting on this bike very comfortable. The implication of this is you can ride this bike for long journeys without feeling fatigued.

Although cruiser bikes are generally comfortable, when riding them at high speeds, there might be some form of discomfort after riding for a while. If you want to get the best form of comfort from riding this bike, you should ride it at medium and slow speeds.

What are the Features of a Cruiser Bike?

Just like every other machine, cruiser bikes have certain characteristics. Although these characteristics come with certain pros and cons, they are perfect for journeys between 200km and 500km.

Cruiser bikes do no come with the same engine capacity. This means when looking to buy a cruiser, you should consider how far you want to travel before paying for one.

If you are new to the concept of riding a cruiser bike, you might not want to invest in a cruiser bike with a lot of power. At entry-level, you will do well with a cruiser bike that comes with an engine capacity of sub-200cc and gives out a power of 20 bhp. As you get more comfortable riding a cruiser bike, you can go for one that has an engine size that ranges from 200-600cc. Finally, when you become an expert at riding cruiser bikes, you can get one with an engine capacity of 1200cc. When you purchase a cruiser bike with an engine capacity of 1200cc, you can get a power output of 80bhp.

What are the Pros of a Cruiser Bike?

When a simple look is taken at a cruiser bike, it appears like it has lots of pros. However, beyond the fact that this bike has an attractive design and much higher power, there are quite a number of advantages associated with riding it.

Cruiser bikes are known to come with more power and torque when compared to regular bikes. Also, they feature very trendy colors. The presence of these features means they cannot be gotten for the same price as regular bikes.

Due to the cost associated with buying a cruiser bike, they get more patronage in countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States, and other developed counties.

If you are looking to cover a short distance with a bike and do not want to feel any form of discomfort, the cruiser bike is one you should consider getting.

Cons of a Cruiser Bike

Although perfect for moving from one state to another, they are not exactly convenient for riding in the city. While riding through the city, you will have to negotiate stop and go when in traffic. While this might not seem like much, it is not very convenient because of the size of cruiser bikes.

If you are not riding a cruiser bike on a straight tarmac road, you might not be getting the best that it has to offer. Furthermore, you can get the best from this bike when you ride on a speed of 90-100km/h.

What are the Best Cruiser Bikes?

If you are interested in buying a cruiser bike, it is important you know what the best cruiser bikes in the market are. A knowledge of this will go a long way in helping you make the right choice even if you are shopping for a cruiser bike for the first time.

That said, below are some of the best cruiser bikes available in the market.

Yamaha V-Star 250 Cruiser

This bike is ideal for beginners. It is lightweight and can be maneuvered very easily. That’s not all. It is also very affordable.

Yamaha Bolt R-Spec

With this cruiser bike, you can enjoy a playful ride and some flexibility. It is not so heavy and comes with great rear shocks. This cruiser bike also features a good seat design

Honda Rebel 500

This cruiser bike is ideal for people that are new to the world of cruiser bikes. It is not a very big cruiser bike. This way, you will not go through so much struggle in keeping it in place.  Furthermore, it is quite affordable. That’s not all, this bike is not as heavy as other cruiser bikes. You can, therefore, enjoy some form of flexibility while using it.

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