What happened to kissAnime? Everything You Need to Know

What happened to kissAnime? Everything You Need to Know

Google and other search engines have been doing a massive crackdown against platforms that are offering pirated content online for free. Many websites have been taken down by search engines over the past few months in that regard. This even includes some of the most notable streaming services and torrent sites.

The reason for this crackdown is simple, Google wants to encourage the use of original content using legal paid websites. Although this makes perfect sense, and we are not encouraging the distribution of pirated content at all, this sudden shut down of popular sites have left people quite disturbed.

KissAnime is one of the services that have been supposedly taken down because of copyrights violation.

Let’s take a deeper look at what probably has happened with KissAnime.

What is KissAnime?

Every anime viewer knows about kissAnime, it was one of the most widely used websites for streaming Anime shows online. With its all-inclusive collection of subbed and dubbed anime, this site stood at the top of the list of top-rated anime websites for many years.

One amazing feature of this website was, once you have registered yourself here via the simple registration process, you could even download the shows of your choice. There are not many sites that offer such a feature to their users for free. This is one of the reasons why KissAnime was so amazingly popular. Like kisscartoon, this website also had an awesome streaming quality which made it stand out from the competition.

This site also has a dedicated platform that hosted Japanese manga only. From KissManga, you could reach your favorite manga series, soon after the latest chapter for it was released.

What happened to KissAnime?

Unfortunately, kissanime is not active anymore. This site has been shut down and is not offering its services anymore. Even its manga platform is taken down too.

The news of the shut down of this site came as a huge shock to its users. People were really bummed out because this site was go-to place for most anime viewers for their anime streaming needs. And it makes sense because considering the streaming features of this site, the show quality, and the download features were really something amazing. Even if its user experience was a lot like movierulz and similar modern streaming services.

Still, this site is not active anymore and we don’t know if it is ever going to be coming back.

Reasons for KissAnime Shut Down

Considering the way search engines are taking down free streaming services, it is plausible to assume that this is the reason why KissAnime was shut down. Since it was a free streaming website, it offered free access to a high quality paid content which was bound to have consequences. Now, we don’t know for sure that this was the reason, we are concluding this based on the search engine website shut downtrend that we’ve seen so far. There could be other reasons but for us, this seems to be most reasonable.

KissAnime Alternative Sites for Streaming Anime Online

You don’t have to worry if kissanime is not there anymore. There are still many websites for streaming anime online that offer excellent quality of services. Let’s review some of these sites.

Kisscartoon: This website is recommended by anime and cartoon viewers from all over the world and it has been positively reviewed by most of its users. This website would be great for an awesome time watching anime online.

GoGoAnime: GoGoAnime is the best alternative website for kissanime. It offers the same level of streaming quality and the anime shows can be downloaded as well. It is free to use and doesn’t even require registration for download.

AnimeFreak: AnimeFreak is also great in terms of user experience. Although this website features a lot of ads, the ads don’t interrupt you when streaming anime online on this website. Plus, this website offers HD quality content which is pretty cool.

AnimeHeaven: AnimeHeaven is the best website for streaming both dubbed and subbed anime online for free. With this website, you get to choose from multiple streaming channels for streaming shows online. You can choose the one that works best for you

4Anime: 4Anime comes with a kid-friendly user interface. This site doesn’t have weird ads and all its streaming features are free to use by everyone. This site works awesomely on mobile devices as well. This site would offer you a great experience when streaming anime here online.

Is KissAnime Coming Back?

We don’t know for sure. Although considering the past trends, when a streaming service goes down, a lot of clone sites for it become active. So, it is safe to assume that we might see the clone versions for it online. Still, we’d recommend choosing free alternative sites for streaming instead.

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