West Seegmiller – The Changing Face Of Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing for Small Businesses

Over the last couple of years we have seen a great increase in small businesses which are freeing up capital to advertise themselves. this was something which simply didn’t happen for a long time and even since the dawn of the digital age, so many companies would solely rely on free social media content to advertise.

Sadly however the events of 2020 have set many small businesses back, and killed others off, even those who have survived will have done so by the skin of their teeth. Marketing expert William West Seegmiller however, he believes that now is the perfect time for small businesses to invest some small amount of cash in marketing, although things are going to be slightly different.


Because of the fact that so many more people are at home and using the web, it is clear that this presents us with an enormous opportunity to promote ourselves to a wider audience. What we must not forget however is that to take this opportunity we have to show sensitivity. We must not lose sight of the fact that this global pandemic has taken ver a million lives and it has ruined many millions more. Referencing what is going on is one thing, taking advantage of it however is something wholly different and should be avoided.

Front and Center

This year has shown the brilliant business acumen of so many companies who have looked to switch up their products to meet with the demands of the lifestyle which so many have been living. We have seen textile companies making masks, breweries making alcohol gel and even electronics factories stepping up to make parts for ventilators. The same can be said in the retail world as so many companies switched focus from swimwear to jigsaws or from car accessories to gaming accessories. The point here is that going forward it will be important that you have a good understanding of what exactly your customers need and that those are the products which you are heavily promoting.

Fast Return

In the past a good marketing campaign would feature both a long term strategy which would look to build the reputation of the company and the visibility of the brand. This would be combined with a shorter term strategy that would seek to drive instant sales. In the current climate however there is little need for a long term strategy and businesses, especially small businesses need their ad dollars to bring them as much of a return as they possibly can. With this in mind then it is important that businesses are looking to create call to action ads, which drive instant sales of the right products. There will be a time for brand visibility and reputation boosting ads, for now however all marketing needs to make quick cash.

Those who are ready for the new normal and who invest their time money and energy into it, are the ones who will find the most success.

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