Ways Of Making Friends Through Social Events In A Retirement Community

Ways Of Making Friends Through Social Events In A Retirement Community

You may have few options when it comes to selecting a place to spend your retirement. Most seniors either choose a condo or a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community). Although each option has its upsides and downsides, one main benefit of moving to a retirement community is that it enables you to socialize with peers. When you live in a retirement community central Florida, you’ll have several opportunities to make friends. And one of the ways of doing this is to take part in social events. 

Here are some ways that social events in a retirement community can help you make friends:

  1. Engage In Outings And Trips

Some communities provide outdoor activities and outings to their members. They take the members off-campus to explore some areas such as cultural centers. Attending these outings allows you to make or strengthen friendships. Later on, when you get back to the community, you can spend time remembering your fun. Depending on the season, some communities can enable you to enjoy the outdoors at local farms and musical theatres. 

  1. Share Meal Times

Connecting with others can be great over a meal. During meal times, you may get the opportunity to meet all your fellow residents. Some may be strangers, while others, your friends. During this time, you can take advantage of socializing with strangers to make friends with them. You may also hold conversations with your friends to strengthen your relationship. 

Over dinner, people learn a lot about others. Through your conversation, you may get to know about new social activities, ideas, or clubs that you never knew about before. Such discussions can be great in communities with restaurant-style dining rooms that enable many people to sit close together as they take their meals. You may find that there’s no better company than that which you get over mealtimes. 

  1. Attend Games

Engaging in a little friendly competition with your community members doesn’t hurt. Playing is a great way to express yourself and break the ice. As you engage in the fun, you’ll soon find yourself sharing exciting stories and laughing with the other players. If your community doesn’t offer games, you can invite your neighbors and engage them in some activities. Ensure that you don’t pick very rigorous activities that may endanger your life. Remember, your body is frail, and if you get an accident, it may take longer for you to heal.

If you can’t organize games, choose communities that host game nights at least twice a week. From these activities, you’ll solidify your relationship with others. 

  1. Attend Club Meetings

Everyone has hobbies and interests that they love, and a community can be a great avenue to share your hobby with a like-minded member. Some communities have clubs and groups like the knitting group, book club, outdoor walking programs, and exercise classes. Engaging in these activities puts you into direct contact with people who like what you like. Through these interests, you can be sure to make friends fast.

The Bottom-line

The best thing about a retirement community is its people. By attending various events organized by the community, its members, or yourself, you can make more friends and strengthen the existing ones.


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