Wallet Friendly Destination Wedding Planning Ideas

Destination Wedding Planning

Most of us would have heard a saying “marriages are made in heaven.” For some of you, it actually happens. Since when you start comprehending these worldly things, you have dreamt of having your wedding in a celebrity style. But this dreamy marriage is in fact far away from the reality for most of you because it makes a whole in your wallet. You have a question in your mind that a destination wedding is only for the rich.

No, a destination wedding is not only for the rich. You can have such a wedding without making a huge hole in your wallet. For a pocket-friendly lavish destination wedding, you need to plan it in advance and be careful for everything. Here are some practical and useful ideas for your help:

Pick the Perfect Wedding Destination

In your wedding, most of the things are optional, such as forgoing wedding cake or wearing a suit instead of traditional outfit. You can skip one or more things in your marriage but wedding destination/venue is the one no one can skip it.

For a perfect destination wedding, you need to be very careful and make a wise selection because of the availability of so many options. Keep all the aspects in mind while choosing a venue within or outside of your native country. Venue can be any place or setting from a beach, ballroom, and historical places to a greenery area in any part of the world. You should talk to more than one wedding planner for the selection of a wedding destination for your marriage ceremony. Before making any final decision, you should check your guest list, consider inclusions and know the experiences of some of your close ones.

Hire a Local Wedding Planner and Photographer

Getting in touch with the right team of wedding planners, photographers, and vendors can be an overwhelming task for you if you are planning to tie the knot at a faraway destination, an overseas one. It would be beneficial for you to hire the local one instead of bringing a global team or a team of associated professionals from your native place. A local photographer or wedding planner has a sound idea about the wedding destination you will select. The expert can talk to the requisite people in their local language and minimize the cost and make the associated things better for your marriage ceremony due to their local knowledge and contacts. They can guide you in the best way about the destination locality. Besides, you have benefits in terms of environmental impacts. The local wedding planner has a sound idea about the weather of a particular place, and so, he/she can help you plan your wedding accordingly.

Order Your Wedding Invitations

Whether you opt for a destination wedding or a local one, wedding invitations are the one which provides a glimpse of the preparation of your marriage ceremony, including the theme. Your wedding consists of several functions like bridal shower, engagement, bachelorette party, elopement, and marriage. Based on your wishes and budget, you want to make your relatives, friends, and other known persons be present on most of your wedding events, especially on the Big Day (marriage day). To ensure their availability, you keep your wedding invitations unique. For this, you personalize your invitation cards by using wedding signs and compelling messages.

Incorporate Your Destination into Your Design

Wow! You have finalized a destination for your marriage ceremony. Now, your responsibility gets bigger, and you need to make your dream of having a celebrity style wedding come into a reality. And for this, you need to take proper care of everything from decoration and seating arrangement to direction on events taking place in your marriage ceremony. First of all, start with the entrance of the venue and make it friendly to your guests with the installation of wedding welcome sign and associated boards and charts showing seating arrangements and direction to important places around the venue. Your guests will thank you for such an amazing arrangement for your marriage ceremony.


Making a dream of having a celebrity style wedding come true without any heavy burden on your wallet depends on several things from the selection of a venue in or out of your native country, how you plan, number of guests, and decorations to menu. To have a wallet-friendly destination wedding, you should plan in advance, choose a wedding date in off season and value local experts. Your wise decision after careful study of all allied things will help you a lot to make your dreamy wedding come true.

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