Virtual cards

Virtual cards

In everyday life, the use of virtual cards is extremely convenient.

Virtual special bank card. It is used to make payments online. You just need to transfer a certain amount from the main account to a virtual card, and make a payment.

The following advantages of this card can be noted:

bank institutions have taken care of maximum protection against hacker attacks, so fraudsters will not be able to withdraw funds from a virtual card;

ease of use. In one click, you can pay for goods and services, as the digital card works with a banking mobile application;

due to the fact that the card works with a mobile application, offline payment for both goods and all kinds of services becomes available if the institution has installed a payment terminal that accepts payment from mobile devices.

Virtual Mastercards

Today, virtual cards that are supported by the mastercard payment system are very convenient to use. With their help, you can make purchases in foreign online stores. More than 41 million retail stores around the world accept Mastercard cards. You can withdraw cash from more than 2 million ATMs in different countries.

A virtual free Mastercard card will be needed for those people who like to travel to different countries, make purchases on the Internet.

Creating a virtual Mastercard is very simple:

contact the bank institution online;

Make a request.

WestStein prepaid mastercard

The prepaid card has its own unique online account and is not linked to the main account. Using the application installed on your mobile device, you can monitor the balance of money in your account after making payments. Replenishment of the card is carried out in cash, using the terminal, or simply by transferring money from a bank account.

WestStein Online Accounts

Online accounts enable both entrepreneurs and individuals to make banking transactions by bank transfer.

WestStein online accounts are very convenient for conducting financial activities. With the help of an online account, it is easy to pay for goods, taxes. This is where the money comes from business activities.

The advantage of these cards is very favorable conditions for replenishing an account online, as well as withdrawing money in cash.

One of the advantages of the WestStein online account is the very favorable conditions for both depositing and withdrawing cash.

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