Valentine’s Week Day Gifts 2022

The splendid and romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day is not just a one-day celebration, but an eight-day extravaganza making every couple on this planet feel over the moon. A breeze of love and fascination engulfs the world during this romantic week giving everyone the courage to express their feelings in front of the people they love and admire. Every week of Valentine is dedicated to special love gifts like red roses, chocolates, and teddies, and also the sweet and affectionate gestures such as a kiss or a hug. Every individual can convey his or her emotions with these gifts and gestures throughout the Valentine Week and make the bonds stronger and everlasting.

If you too want to communicate such feelings to your partner, spouse, parents, siblings, or friends this Valentine, then make every day of this amazing week memorable and special for them with your special love souvenirs. Let’s see how you can make their Valentine week stupendous with your gifts.

  • Happy Rose Day: 7th February 2022

Happy Rose Day: 7th February 2022

As every color and variety of rose is somehow connected to the feelings of love and affection and aims at strengthening the bond between the people, rose has been declared as the official flower for Valentine’s Day. As these vibrant and fragrant blossoms can be given to anyone to express one’s feelings irrespective of the relationship we share with them, they are the perfect Rose day gifts to impress your special ones. A bouquet of roses or even a basket or glass vase arrangement can make their Rose Day 2022 a fabulous one.

  • Propose Day: 8th February 2022

Happy Propose Day: 8th February 2022

Expressing the feelings of profound love to someone or proposing marriage to your partner requires immense courage. The fear of rejection makes most of us take a step back in being expressive about one’s romantic feelings to someone special. Let Propose Day 2022 be that ultimate occasion to speak out your feelings valiantly in front of your crush or beloved. Propose Day gifts will definitely help you to convey your hearty emotions in the right direction. If it’s a marriage proposal, then a red roses bouquet, champagne and a beautiful ring will make a perfect choice for the special day. And, if you are proposing your crush fir the first time, then flower bouquet will certainly do magic in your love story.

  • Happy Chocolate Day: 9th February 2022

Happy chocolate Day: 9th February 2022

Apart from being great stress busters, chocolates make excellent gifts for the romantic Valentine Week. The popularity of chocolates among people has given them a special place in the Valentine Week. Chocolate Day is the third day of this week celebrated with great excitement by the people. They exchange chocolates with each other as a token of their love and affection. Chocolate boxes are popular Chocolate Day gifts which couples and other people give to each other.

  • Happy Teddy Day: 10th February 2022

Happy Teddy Day: 10th February 2022

Teddy Day is celebrated during the Valentine Week as cute and soft teddy personifies your adorable and affectionate partner. As soft toys are the cutest versions of love and affection for your loved ones, a cute and mushy teddy bear is the best teddy day gifts for the special person your love and adore.

  • Happy Promise Day: 11th February 2022

Happy Promise Day: 11th February 2022

Every relationship which a person earns in life is based on promises of love, support, friendship, and togetherness. The significance of promises in people’s lives is all about being there for each other no matter what comes in the way. A bond that sustains through the test of time emerges as an everlasting and unshakeable one. This Promise Day, strengthens your bond with your special ones with special Promise Day Gifts such as personalized gifts as proof of your eternal bond, greeting cards, message cushions, forever roses, etc.

  • Happy Hug Day: 12th February 2022

Happy Hug Day: 12th February 2022

“Jaddu ki Jhappi” – A perfect phrase to define the magic in the gesture of a hug! Be it the moment of happiness or sadness, a hug is that gesture which can cheer up the other person at the flick of a switch. Giving hug its due reward in spreading happiness worldwide, a special Hug Day is celebrated during the Valentine Week. Though no gift can be as suitable as a hug on this affectionate day, but flowers, chocolates, or soft toys can be given as a token of your love and care to the dear ones.

  • Happy Kiss Day: 13th February 2022

Happy Kiss Day: 13th February 2022

Kisses, being the most romantic gestures, are applauded by dedicating a Kiss Day during the Valentine Week. As it is a common gesture for couples to express love and passion to each other, they are often seen exchanging Kiss Day gifts with each other as well. Flowers symbolizing romance and compassion; chocolates; and others are some of the popular gifts which mark the celebrations of this amazing day.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day: 14th February 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day: 14th February 2022

The wonderful romantic week sums up with the arrival of Valentine’s Day on 14th February every year. If you have missed the celebrations of the other days of this week, you can plan grand celebrations filled with love and affection with your loved ones. Surprise each other with Valentine day Gifts and give a perfect ending to this weeklong celebration of love and surprises.

Ending Note

With not even a month left to the beginning of the Valentine Week 2022, quickly plan your celebrations and gift ideas for each day of this romantic week to make V-Day a fab affair for everyone you love!!!

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