Unusual and Exciting Ways to Spend Your Weekends

Unusual and Exciting Ways to Spend Your Weekends

If you are someone with a regular working routine during the week, chances are your leisure time is strictly confined to evenings and weekends. It can feel like a lot of pressure to make the most of this short period of time between the end of one working week and the beginning of another. You might be torn between taking the weekend off and concentrating on relaxing as much as possible before Monday, or maybe you prefer to get all of your household chores completed during your brief hours away from work. There are more exciting ways to spend your weekends than catching up on rest or doing housework, even if it isn’t every week. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Buy a Mystery Ticket

Pack an overnight bag with your most basic essentials. Go to your closest bus or train station – or airport if you are feeling extremely daring – and choose a destination at random. Buy your ticket and see where the weekend takes you. Perhaps you will find yourself in a completely new location where you can take the opportunity to find a new favorite restaurant or see a show. If you end up somewhere familiar, use this chance to see it with fresh eyes and try to experience it as a tourist might. Reframing your perspective can be a wonderful technique in many aspects of your life.

Take an Intensive Course

Have you always wanted to learn how to kayak? Or maybe there’s a secret part of you that always suspected you’d be good at archery? Use your weekend as the perfect time to attend an intensive course or class where you can pick up a new skill. Don’t worry about finding something that might advance your career or make you seem more impressive. The important part is enjoying the process of learning.

Get Out onto Open Water

Using your weekends to spend time alone with your thoughts might seem unpleasant or boring. But if you did this while on a boat in beautiful water with peaceful scenery, suddenly the idea becomes more appealing. If you can, save up for a small boat and treat yourself to short trips where you can appreciate nature. You can put it into boat storage and keep it safe when it isn’t in use. There’s something very freeing about being able to set sail with your own vessel.

Stay in a Nearby Hotel

Become a tourist in your home town and find a hotel to stay in nearby. It might seem pointless since you can stay at home for free, but treating yourself to the guest experience is a fun way to spend the weekend. Of course, it’s not usually financially sensible to do this too regularly, but every now and then won’t hurt. Try to think of places to visit that you may overlook as a resident. Seeing the world with a new outlook can make everything seem brighter.

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