Top 7 Fast-Growing Virtual Event Platforms in 2020


With the change in times, virtual events have gained momentum and have become immensely popular. Hosting a virtual event helps you reach your potential target audiences globally without any barrier. Selecting the right Virtual event platforms is a must. It helps you to meet the needs of an event starting from managing audience registration and attendance virtually to carry out payments and live streaming. A lot of work is required when one decides to host an event virtually rather than simply sending a link for a virtual webinar or a virtual meeting to attendees.

In the competitive dynamics today, selecting the right platform to host a virtual event is not an easy task. The internet today is flooded with a variety of virtual meetings platforms or virtual event platforms. Selecting the best platform that serves all the event management needs and incorporates interactive tools, is a must to plan a successful virtual event.

The overwhelming experiences of in-person events cannot be replicated, but one must select a virtual event platform that helps in delivering the same value for the event. Virtual event platforms are flexible and are used to host a number of events right from virtual webinars, online virtual AGM, virtual town halls to virtual brand events, job fairs, trade shows, and so on. Virtual events help in recreating the experiences of physical events and try to make an event interesting by holding interactions, Q&A sessions, polls, live chats, thus resulting in creating memorable experiences to reminiscence.

Privacy and security is a major concern altogether when it comes to hosting an online event. Selecting the virtual events platform that is safe and secure, keeps your privacy intact. It not only protects the security but helps in enabling customizable registration, offers on-demand video content, engagement features for networking, and post-event feedback and analytics.

In this article, we have shared a list of top 7 fast-growing virtual events platforms in 2020 that offers you to host virtual events seamlessly without any hassle.

Here is a list of best virtual event platforms in 2020:

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  • Dreamcast

Dreamcast is a leading virtual events platform designed to host different types of virtual events without any hassle. It fulfills all your broadcasting needs with full safety and security, keeping your privacy intact. Dreamcast hosts the events on the best platforms and offers the best online event services to cater to your needs. Starting from offering the live webinar solution to tailor-made online virtual meetings and in-person virtual events, Dreamcast serves all.

Dreamcast helps in hosting live virtual events that boost events reach, engagement, leads, revenue, and delivers memorable experiences to audiences to remember in the long run. It allows you to host various events and organize polls, discussions, chats, Q&A sessions, and so on.

It even offers on-demand video content, end to end support, and makes sure to stream your event live without any technical glitches. Apart from it, real-time interactions, attendees management, attendance, measuring analytics, and the success of the event is being looked out.

  • BigMarker

BigMarker is one of the most powerful virtual event platforms that offer live webinar solutions and allow businesses to share interactive video content with its audiences. Right from product demonstrations and product launches to sales and marketing, BigMarker serves all. BigMarker allows you to host on-demand videos and integrates well with other daily use software as well.

  • 6Connex

If you are planning to host a virtual trade show, organize a  job fair virtually, or looking for a platform to offer E-learning programs, 6Connex serves all. It is a cloud-based virtual event platform that can be accessed from any device and browser. 6Connex caters to your event management needs and allows you to host a successful virtual event effortlessly.

  • Eventzilla

You can simply host your in-person events virtually with Eventzilla. It is one of the fast-growing and leading cloud-based marketing platforms to host virtual events. If you are looking for virtual event platforms or virtual meeting platforms to host online virtual meetings or conferences, virtual webinars, organize sports events, or classes virtually, Eventzilla serves you with everything. Right from managing the registrations to processing your payments to managing attendees, Eventzilla looks for everything you need.

  • Livestorm

Livestorm offers a platform to host virtual webinars with global attendees to internal virtual meetings. Incorporated video communication tools allow you to plan & promote your virtual event while interacting with your audiences globally. Livestorm records virtual meetings and virtual webinars automatically, which allows audiences to catch the missed insight. Apart from it, Livestorm even supports attendee management and email automation. With Livestorm, you do not need to set up anything, it’s ready to use and you can stream your virtual event or virtual meeting seamlessly.

  • ezTalks

Looking for a virtual event platform to host virtual conferences or online virtual meetings? or you want to offer E-learning courses to audiences globally? ezTalks is one of the fast-growing video conferencing platforms that allows you to share your content in full HD audio and video quality with its audiences irrespective of their remote locations.

  • ON24

ON24 is the fastest-growing data-driven live webinar solution that allows you to create content on the go using multimedia options. ON24 allows you to host virtual events in a safe environment and engage your audiences interactively. It helps in delivering memorable experiences to your audience, thus resulting in generating more leads that later converts into revenue.

In recent times, the market is brimming with various software to host an online virtual meeting and virtual webinars. There are some virtual event platforms that allow you to host different types of events virtually and engage your audiences interactively thus delivering memorable event experiences. Selecting a Virtual event platform that is safe and secure and manages everything right from the setup, event registration, payment, live streaming to managing analytics, is the right choice to carry out your virtual event seamlessly without any hassle.

If you have planned to host a virtual event and is not sure which software or platform to use? Explore the options compiled above.

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