Top 10 New Electric Bikes

Top 10 New Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have become widespread day by day in our country. There are numerous electric motorcycles on the market at reasonable prices that anybody can buy. These bikes give a perfect riding experience while conserving the environment. The country will observe a variety of bikes in the year 2021.

Here We Ride:

Tork T6X electric bike

1. Tork T6X electric bike

It is a made-in-India bike. It can charge up to eighty percent in an hour. It has also had connectivity to the cloud. The range for this bike for a single charge is 100 km. The price range is around 1.25 lakh rupees. The electric two-wheeler industry has seen huge success. Tork is one of the advanced bikes present today. It gets power from a 6kW motor that has a torque of 27 Nm. A start-up company built T6X. So, it still has a long way to go.

Ather energy electric bike

2.  Ather energy electric bike

It is an electric bike with features like fast and free charging and remote monitoring. The range of this e-bike is sixty km for a single charge. The highest speed of this bike is 70 Kmph. It will launch in October 2018. Its price is one lakh rupees. It is one of the top electric scooters present in the market. The Ather comes armed with numerous features. The design of this scooter is also classy. The Ather bike has a 2.4 kWh Lithium battery. There is an eco-mode in the scooter that has a riding range of 75 km.

Okinawa electric scooter

3. Okinawa electric scooter

Okinawa Ridge is one of the best electric scooters from India’s fastest-growing electric bike market. The general design of this vehicle is meek and minimalistic. It has a headlight that is apron-mounted. Okinawa comes with qualities such as a fantastic headlight, strong wheels, and digital instruments. The scooter has a motor of eight hundred watts that produces a power of 1.6bhp. The riding range is 80-90km. The highest speed is 55km/h. It has three-speed modes 

  1. Economy (35 Kmph)
  2. Sporty (65 Kmph) 
  3. Turbo (75 Kmph)

The electric scooter has a One-year warranty. The price is around 3 lakh rupees.

Hero Electric Cruz

4. Hero electric

The Hero Electric Cruz comes with enlarging front forks and a progressive regulation mechanism that aids in rapid acceleration. Although, the motor is only 250 watts. The Cruz also has a big storing section. It can travel upto 70 km on a one-time charge. There is no need to register by the RTO. 


5. YO explorer

It is the intelligent electric bike of India. It is available in three colors – red, white, blue, and black. The range is 70 km for a one-time charge. The highest speed of this scooter is 25 Kmph. This bike is pocket-friendly as the price of your explorer is forty thousand only. The headlamp is a multi-reflector and has a telescopic view at the front. There is a digital odometer with a trip switch. There are two modes-

  1. Power mode (35 to 55 kmph)
  2. Economy mode (30-35 kmph)

The scooter has a 250W motor and has a 33 Ah VRLA battery. 

Honda electric scooter

6. Honda electric scooter

It is an upcoming scooter. It will launch in the year 2019. It has various features like a Font windscreen, Digital instrument, dual shock absorbers. For a single charge, the range of this bike is 100 km. The high-speed of this Honda scooter is 96 Kmph. The price range of this electric bike is around 2-3 lakhs rupees. It will have a hundred-watt battery. It will also have fast charging as the batteries are made up of lithium-ion. In only two hours, it will be fully charged. Talking of them, consider trying out these electric scooters. These scooters have faced a surge in customers over past years.

Emflux electric bike

7. Emflux electric bike

It is the first electric superbike in India. It can get up to 80% charge in just thirty-six minutes. The range of this superbike is 200 km for a one-time charge. The high speed of this electric scooter is 28 kmph. The price range is quite reasonable for this bike. It is around 11 lakh rupees. The battery is lithium-ion. The battery has 9.7 kWh of high-power cells. It has an induction motor of 60 kW. The Emflux has top components like dual-channel ABS with bembe brakes. 

UM renegade thor

8. UM renegade thor

It is an American motorcycle brand. The Thor will be available in 2020. It was present in the auto-expo. The price range will start from 4.9 lakhs rupees. There will be three power ranges

  1. Low range- (80 km)
  2. Mid-range- (149 Km)
  3. Top range- (270 km)

 The high speed of this bike will be around 185 km.

Menza Lucat

9. Menza Lucat

Menza Motors is a start-up company that showcased its first bike lucat at the auto-expo of 2018. The price range will start from rupees 2.8 lakhs. We can customize the bike and make it according to our comfort level. The owners can alter specifications like seat height, body type, footpeg position. The Lucat is also present in carbon fiber bodywork. It has an 18-kW motor. The top speed is about 120 kmph. There is no diffusion, and power is consumed directly to the rear wheel. It had got LED lights and a touchscreen instrument panel. We can pre-order it at the payment of ten thousand rupees. 

Twenty-two flow

10. Twenty-two flow

The company introduces its first electric bike at the auto expo. The price of this scooter is ₹ 74,740. The Flow has a motor operated by a lithium-ion battery. The range is eighty kilometers in one-time charging. The Flow grows a digital console and brags of artificial intelligence, with which the owner can track the vehicle remotely. There’s a sufficient amount of undersea storage, with plenty of space to keep two helmets. Other features are drag mode, reverse mode, cruise control, etc.

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