Pro-Tips To Increase Online Survey Response Rates!

Increase Online Survey Response

We all know surveys are a great way to collect valuable feedback from customers and understand how your business is performing. When it comes to the paper-pen and telephonic survey, it is quite a hassle and time-taking process. 

This gives businesses enough reasons to switch to online surveys. An online survey is a systematic collection of data through questionnaires that are sent to the target audience over the World Wide Web.  

While online surveys are useful tools to understand your customers, you shouldn’t take business decisions based solely on them. As any type of information, you get from surveys can be inaccurate for various reasons; depending entirely on the survey outcomes is not the way to go. Instead, you should first observe the data to know that you are moving in the correct direction.

Apparently, your aim in creating a survey is to achieve a high response rate. This requires some creative tactics to encourage people to respond in high numbers. If you want to hike up your falling survey response rates, use these four tricks to go beyond writing a convincing questionnaire.

Create a Compelling Design

It may seem very simple, but the design is important as it helps maintain the flow of the questionnaire. If you use design elements in an incompatible way, can not only look chaotic but also make it difficult to understand the survey’s meaning. For instance, using different colors and fonts across questions can make it look confusing.

This is not you want, right? So, make your online survey readable and compelling to your target audience to respond. Consider a simple tone combined with a little bit of humour or add some fun and interesting images and avoid making it too lengthy. 

Make It Friendly and Stand Out

Survey response rates boost for emails that start with using warm words like “Dear first name.” This simple, friendly touch is worthwhile and an efficient way to maximize survey responses.

To make it look stand out, customize your survey template, add a logo, and also customize questions to subgroups for more appropriate answers. However, in between all this, don’t forget branding your products and services.

 Empathize With Your Audience

Before circulating your survey, think of yourself as a respondent. This will help you to find the stage of highest dropout. Ask yourself, what elements can you implement to motivate your respondents to complete the survey?

Once you have determined the weak areas, it’s the time to foster the strengths. Follow this by fixing clear deadlines and various friendly reminders. Once you are done with this next is to promote on different channels relevant to your prospects. 

Ask business partners, influencers, and key stakeholders for their support and highlight the significance of responding to surveys. Finally, don’t forget to address and respect the respondents’ time. Make sure to show them that you are grateful for their response with a “thank you” message.

Motivate Respondents by Offering Incentives

What do your participants receive in return for completing the survey? Make sure you get the most insights from respondents and offering incentives can help do this.

It can be in the form of offers, discounts, giveaways, and so on. However, visible improvements, experience, creativity, and entertainment can make all the difference. It is also a good idea to share your survey responses with your audience.


By prioritizing your customers and using these tips will help you achieve positive feedback in the response rates! And, remember another best way to check whether or not it is compelling is to put yourself in other’s shoes. Eventually, all your answers fall in the right place! Good luck!

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