Tips on Keeping Fit with an Injury

Tips on Keeping Fit with an Injury

Sustaining an injury can alter your life in many ways, one of which being losing the ability to exercise the way you usually would. A change in your fitness regime can be frustrating, and while you are injured, it is easy to slip into bad habits. Even with an injury, however, you can still make sure you get the exercise you need, and here are tips on how to do so.

Take Frequent Walks

Intense cardio may be off the list of activities you can do, so instead, try for gentler exercises more often, and walking is perfect for that. Even if you cannot go further than down the street, getting your leg muscles moving and enjoying the fresh air is a great way to keep fit. You may not be drenched in sweat or feel the satisfying ache of your muscles after this workout, but you will still enjoy the many benefits of getting your body moving.


Another great exercise to take up while you’re injured is yoga. The great thing about yoga is that it can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. Can you only afford ten minutes of a gentle stretch? That’s fine! There are plenty of tutorials online which can guide you through easy yoga poses. Your muscles will benefit from the much-needed stretching, and your whole body willbenefit from the workout. Just don’t stretch yourself too hard, and make sure you listen to your body if you start to feel pain.

Topical Remedies

Your doctor will most likely prescribe you pain medication after you have become injured, but over-the-counter treatments can also be helpful. Topical creams are great for lessening the pain and helping your injury to heal. There are plenty to choose from, including CBD muscle gel, which could help reduce both the pain and the time spent recovering, so you can get back to your usual fitness routine much quicker!

A Little Intensity

While you are injured, you may still be able to perform some of the more intense exercises you are used to. Instead of turning away entirely from your routine, simply minimize it. For example, if you would usually do one hundred push-ups every other day, try doing twenty a couple of times a week. This way, you will prevent deconditioning and make sure you don’t lose your overall fitness.


In the end, your main goal will be to heal as fast as you can to get back to doing your exercise routine. While gentle exercises are perfect for keeping you in shape, you need to allow time to rest, as that will be the time you will heal. Don’t push yourself, as you may end up prolonging the time spent injured. Take the time to get cozy, curl up on your sofa, and let your body do the work, knowing that the time spent doing nothing is crucial to your healing.

Keeping fit while injured isn’t the simplest task, especially when you’re in a lot of pain. However, reducing the pain, doing gentle exercises, and getting plenty of rest is essential to your ultimate recovery and getting back to your peak level of fitness.

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