Tips For Washing Your Face Appropriately

Tips For Washing Your Face Appropriately

Washing your face may look like a straightforward, simple routine. However, it requires attention and time, and doing it the right way can prevent you from getting an acne breakout. Some people believe that it’s only necessary to wash their faces when it’s dirty, or when they want to remove makeup. According to Dr. Haley, a renowned dermatologist from Arizona, you need to wash your face twice daily. 

It would be best if you cleaned your face using water and cleansing face oil. The number of times you wash it isn’t as important as how you do the job. Regardless of your skin texture, type, and current condition, you need to clean it in the morning and night. 

Here are some tips for washing your face the right way:

  1. Remove All Your Make-up First

Before cleaning your face at night, use a makeup remover to wipe your face first before starting the actual cleansing. Pores eliminate toxins overnight, and if they’re clogged, they may affect your skin. The double cleansing method is effective for removing makeup on clogged pores. This method requires you to use a natural oil like olive oil to remove accumulated dirt before mildly washing away the oil with water.

When removing makeup around the eyes, use a cotton swab that’s dipped into micellar water. A cotton swab effectively tackles tightly lined areas without tagging on your skin. As a rule of thumb, you always need to use soft materials to remove makeup. 

  1. Avoid The Generic Bar Soap

Bar soaps contain chemicals that can interfere with your skin’s pH balance and provide a platform for more yeast and bacterial growth. Though these soaps have a lot of foam, it doesn’t mean they’re the most effective. In fact, foaming can strip your skin of its natural oils. According to a 2012 study, people who used bar soaps to cleanse their faces were found to have unhealthy skin as opposed to those who used facial cleansers. Using facial cleansers can guarantee you excellent results.

  1. Clean Your Face With Lukewarm Water

Some people avoid washing their faces with lukewarm water because they believe it’ll open their pores. However, this is a myth that isn’t backed by any scientific evidence. Pores aren’t like doors that hot water opens and cold water shuts. Lukewarm water is ideal because using either too hot or too cold water may irritate your skin. Therefore, if you don’t desire to see your skin flashed when you look it up in a mirror, use water that your skin will love.

  1. Go Beyond Your Chin

When washing your face, you need to go past your jawline up to your neck because they’re also prone to debris and dirt build-up. As you cleanse your face, it’s also advisable to gently rub your neck in an upward motion to improve blood circulation. Massaging your neck also encourages your skin to stay lifted and tight. 

The Bottom-line

You need to wash your face in the right way if you want to see it healthy and glowing. Acne and pimples on your face are caused by dirt and oil build-up. If you clean your face rightly, you’ll not only wash away the dirt, but you’ll also improve the tone of your skin. 


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