The Top 5 Agile CRM Alternatives for your Business in 2020

The Top 5 Agile CRM Alternatives for your Business in 2020

Before we take a look at the top 5 Agile CRM alternatives for the year 2020 to keep your business updated, let us first understand what CRM really is. When we are faced with the term CRM, there are a number of questions that come into our brain. The very first one is, what is CRM exactly and how can it help your business? Well, of you are a business owner in this generation, then you would be well aware of the fact that every digital also means everything automated since the amplification of promotional signals have also multiplied our opportunities manifold. And this is where CRM comes in.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is the crux of all your sales, support and marketing activities. If you want to own a smart brand without spending open individual resources, then CRM is the way to go because it brings in a number of various kinds of resources onto a singular platform from where you can single mindedly focus on your sales pipeline and conversions at the end of the same, while the CRM task force does the rest for you in an automated manner.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a software or a system that can manage all your contact information and the interactions that you have with your leads, prospects and existing customers so that you can send and tracks emails as well as your other social media posts in an automated manner. What does this do for your business and how does it help you in your growth phase? Well, this is where platforms like Agile CRM and alternatives to Agile CRM come in.

When you turn to one of the many Agile CRM alternatives, or even Agile CRM for your CRM and marketing automation needs, you are basically buying into a process that helps you capture all the right information from the IoT sphere that is relevant for your business. This information is then fashioned into independent task pipelines that can be used by your sales and marketing force even as the interactions prompt the relevant back end tasks in terms of CRM and marketing automation so that you have the bandwidth to concentrate on exactly what your sales and marketing force is good at – conversions. In this way, you touch base with all your leads and prospects with a professional front in place.

Agile CRM is one of the foremost platforms in this regard and it has been used by a number of clients and businesses all over the world. Yet, despite all its features and the fact that it is possibly one of the most preferred platforms for CRM in the world, there are a number of limitations due to which people are often on the lookout for an Agile CRM alternative. This could be due to reasons like complicated setup process, high cost of packages, the fact that the support is not constant and many others. So let us have a look at the top Agile CRM alternatives to see which one would best suit the growing small and medium sized enterprise in 2020.

1. EngageBay: This can easily be one of the top alternatives to Agile CRM since it comes with a fully loaded suite of features which help you get set for your CRM and marketing automation needs across a number of platforms. Further, it is affordable to the T and can also be used by any size of business without spending a bomb or burning a hole in the pocket!

2. OmniSend: This is one of the new platforms that its fast growing in popularity due to a number of features. The templates that it offers along with its CRM and email marketing integration is absolutely top notch. Yet, the setup seems a little complex even as it lacks all the features that platforms like Agile and Engage Bay can offer you at that cost, or even lower!

3. Mail Jet: Mail Jet is one of the newer platforms that has found a careful integration between CRM and email marketing. Yet, like most platforms, it does not offer the full suite of features that can help you tackle SEO, landing pages, social media and so much more in order to not only draw contact information but also act on the interactions based on engagement during customized campaigns.

4. WishPond: This is also a good Agile CRM alternative although it is not very affordable for most of the small businesses.

5. Mail Optin: Mail Optin is one of better known Agile CRM alternatives although it lacks the kind of presence that the features of EngageBay can offer to the small business owner.

As per the above analysis, one can easily see that EngageBay is among the top Agile CRM alternatives for 2020!

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