The Pros and Cons of Body Wraps

Body Wraps

The new era health trend: Body Wraps! With so many brands, manufacturers and sellers to choose from it is kind of hard to tell what is what. Are body wraps just a passing trend, or are they here to stay for a while? Are they all about the benefits or are they full of cons that you have missed? We are here to give you straight facts!

PRO: Detox Your Body

A good reason why people love body wraps is because they are useful in detoxing your body. When your skin is wrapped tightly with the plastic wrap it causes your skin to sweat along with the oils or other mixtures on your skin. Perspiration or sweat is your body’s natural way of releasing toxins. Also, the formula applied to the skin is designed to flush out your body’s surrounding cells of waste and toxins.

CON: Expensive Treatments

If you get an herbal body wrap at a professional spa, the cost for one treatment can be anywhere from $70.00 to $120 dollars. And it is recommended to get more than one treatment for the best results.

For home application body wrap treatments, treatments may cost anywhere from $60.00 to $110.00 dollars. However, for a monthly recurring charge some companies offer loyal member discounts. So home treatment body wraps like the Ultimate Body Applicator are definitely a more affordable way to pay for a slimmer tummy without surgery.

PRO: Helps You Lose Body Mass

Body wraps have been shown to help customers lose inches in the applied area just after one application. There are many before and after pictures around the Internet showing people who have lost inches in their waist after body wrap treatments. For maximum results it is recommended to use a body wrap treatment every three days.

CON: Doesn’t Help You Lose Fat

When body wraps are applied, they are used in conjunction with an agent that draws out water from the body. So when you are losing weight you are not actually losing fat from your body. What you are losing is water weight from the section that the wrap was applied. The only way to efficiently lose fat is by doing vigorous cardio that gets the blood pumping.

PRO: Results Can Be Permanent

The trouble with some people is that they may not want to put the work and effort into achieving great results. With proper diet, exercise and cardio, you can achieve a sexy and lean body. When using body wraps at the same time, this will help you achieve definition in the muscle tone you have gained.

CON: Short-Term Loss of Inches

When using the body wraps you may experience an initial loss of inches. But if you are not using the wraps in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise you probably won’t see results for very long. Even if you stop using the wraps your body will most likely revert back to its original state.

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