The Powerful Possibilities of Entering and Remaining in the Theta State

Theta State

The dreamlike experiences that you may have when you are in the theta brainwave state are what characterize the theta brainwave state, which is the slowest of all the waves that are produced by our brains. When we are in this state while floating, we experience the highest possible level of healing tranquilly that floating can offer. The affirmations during theta state is essential here.

What is Theta?

When it’s easier to enter the Theta state while you’re awake in a pod, finding a quiet place to meditate while awake might be challenging. Pods are the perfect solution to this problem. It is still sought after for its ability to help us recall information, more easily accept good self-suggestions, and even super learns outside of floating. One of these conditions is the ability to remember significant amounts of information, such as learning a new language, while floating.

It is for this reason that both hypnotherapists and meditators strive to achieve the theta state. It also brings with it a greater capacity to picture things, as well as improved access to our subconscious. It is a fantastic blessing to have the chance to enter this state on a regular basis; there are numerous methods and activities that may be employed during a float to enrich our lives via our experience of floating. Having this opportunity is a tremendous gift.

In this section, we’ll talk about three different possibilities: Affirmations and suggestions made by one, as well as guided meditations and visualizations.

Self-Affirmations or Suggestions

Hypnotherapy relies heavily on the ability to induce a deep level of relaxation, preferably a state of theta brainwaves, and then use this more receptive condition to offer ideas and symbolism to the subconscious, which may then be used to alter your conscious life.


The capacity to undertake visualization of events is one of the most important applications of the Float Pod. For years, researches have shown that this sort of mental preparation may be even more successful at improving results than physically enacting scenarios. It should come as no surprise that sports organizations add flotation tanks into training facilities. These tanks provide players the opportunity to see themselves performing well while competing.

“Daydreaming” about the results you’d like to see in your life does not require you to be an athlete in any way, shape, or form. It is advised that you see the steps involved in the process of bringing your goal into manifestation rather than only attempting to conjure visions of the ultimate result of your efforts.

Find it difficult to picture in your head? There is no requirement that the process of visualizing be a visual one; if you find it difficult to “see,” tune into the scents, sensations, and sounds of what you are focusing on rather than trying to “see” what you are focused on. It’s possible that you’ll find that developing your other senses during this process may ultimately lead to visual representations.

Meditations That Are Guided

Think about adding a Guided Meditation into your float; there are several of these accessible for free online, on streaming music services, or for purchase. Choose the one that piques your interest; it is also essential to pick a “voice” that you find calming so that it does not detract from your experience. Your ability to picture or experience the purpose of the meditation is enhanced during guided meditations, which are meant to take you into a more relaxed state. The theta state is the most potent of all the meditative states.

You will already have the benefit of being in the optimal frame of mind for the experience if you listen to the meditation while you are floating since this will help you prepare your mind for it. Taking your meditations to a deeper level can be as simple as combining floating with one of the other beneficial experiences listed below.

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