The 4 Best Linux Certifications for 2019

Best Linux Certifications for 2019

In the IT world, Linux certifications are fundamental to career, as more than half of international servers are running Linux operating systems, and almost all IT professionals should have some kind of position certification. More than 20 years after the development of Linus, by Torvalds, it is still renowned as the operating system as a major force in information technology. Many companies strongly recommend Linux system administration certification as an international system which is supposed to become more familiar with Linux. However, these certification programs are gaining in popularity with data servers, system administrators, and engineers. This helps IT professionals gain knowledge and recognition. Though numerous information technology professionals spend a lot of time learning about computers, from installation, configuration, preservation and virtualization to application support and security. It also means that many IT professionals work with and around the Linux operating system on a daily basis.

GIAC Certified UNIX Security Administrator (GCUX)

UNIX GIAC-certified administrators provide and upgrade Linux and UNIX systems cross wisely. However, it is one of the Linux administration certification which is supposed to design to provide the skills and capabilities required to do so. The main reason for this certification is to consider training people to set up, configure and monitor both systems. Like all other Linux administration certification exams, it has some requirements, which are: 75 questions, followed by a single test exam, application deadline – 2 hours, and minimum rating 68 percent. Basically, the candidate understands the physical security and password security of UNIX and Linux systems. This test will check even the candidate’s ability to understand Ch-root, that how to configure their services, their environment, how to set up Scot with Ch-root and everything else about it.

In addition, other UNIX and Linux domains are included, operating system configuration and installation, access management, user account management, and password management, the launch, after misuse, sudo services and many other important departments as well, without which UNIX and Linux are broken. As part of SANS, this Linux certification is strongly recommended by all Linux professionals in the upcoming time, However, it contains more than 30 security credentials from the various categories above, such as director falls into the category of cyber defence. In addition, their certificates must be renewed every four hours, gaining 35 years of continuous professional experience, also known as CPE.

Red-Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

The dominance of the Linux world and Linux administration certification is another important certificate called RHCE – Red-Hat Certified Engineer. Though these certifications almost comprise on all Linux certifications and can certainly set you apart from other professionals. Of all the Red Hat witnesses, the highest-rated Red Hat scores are the most popular, so find the best administrators to hire in these great organizations. If you have this certification, you can also try different roles in the Linux world. Some of these jobs are the Linux Director, System Engineering, Information Technology, UNIX Manager, etc.

Well, if we consider them as the highest rating in the IT world, this is one of the best Linux certifications that all Linux professionals must adhere to, and that is why it is not easy to get. For instance, to become a Red-Hat Certified Engineer, one must have to first obtain a Red-Hat Certified System Administrator (R.H.C.S.A) reference, followed by a three-hour training exam and performance review, based on challenging and urgent topics. In short, if you are looking for a better position and IT benefits, we recommend getting this certification in 2019 for sure.

Oracle Linux

This Linux administration certification consists of acquiring the skills and capabilities of Oracle products and technologies, and in order to take the exam and get certified, a specialist must complete a combination of exams and training, as well as work with performance, which depends on the level of certification. Today, Oracle offers Linux and professional certificates, instead of going back to any UNIX roots. Thus, these credentials maintain sufficient wandering in the sun, so that the courses are not a prerequisite for taking the two currently available Oracle Linux exams. As with Linux-specific certifications, Oracle solutions are more suitable for those who work in or near its distribution or who want to work for their distributors for businesses.

The certification of Oracle-6 operations and specialist is considering as a one which is available to those who sell, design, configure, and deploy Oracle Linux solutions-6. Though this certification can be obtained by any candidate, it is usually the responsibility of the staff. However, an Oracle partner has solid Linux experience and previous experience with Linux-6. Currently, Oracle Linux-7 OCA Server and OCP test have not announced this new certification, nor have they detected any new Linux-7 based OCA and OCP certification tests, candidates.

Linux+ CompTIA

It has been almost two decades since employers have used this certification as a reference for hiring IT professionals, and achieving this goal has become an absolute necessity for any person who wants to enter this field of information technology. CompTIA Linux+ is one of the Linux administration certification that tests the important implementation and management tasks common to all Linux distributors. However, UNIX versions are supposed to be requiring getting this Linux CompTIA+ certification, and one must pass both tests, namely CompTIA-Linux certification L.X.0-103 and L.X.0-104.

On the other hand, CompTIA has the incredible opportunity of initial certification at many computer awards, these nonprofits sought to partner with more targeted IT companies, and associations to combine their market and visibility with specific skills and knowledge from a variety of sources. Though, an excellent example is the agency’s collaboration with the Linux-Professional-Institute (L.P.I), which led to CompTIA Linux+ Powered by the L.P.I accreditation. Though, this unique certification replaced the original CompTIA Linux+ certificate in 2010 and uses the same two tests required for the certification.

Advantages of Linux Certifications

Following are the main advantages of using a Linux administration certificate:

  • The certification program of Linux gives you access to official training materials to help you prepare for the assessment
  • It gives you the opportunity to work on real-time projects and validate the practical culture
  • Provides you with a platform to gain an accurate understanding of the concepts and how to use them
  • The support and advice of industry experts and renowned mentors from around the world
  • Practical methods and labs to help you understand the concepts behind your application
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