Season 3 Premiere of Love and Hip Hop New York

I don’t watch a lot of reality television.  It’s not my style.  But during my lengthy, winter break from  New York City, what better way to pass the time than by checking out the season 3 premiere of Love and Hip Hop: New York?  I started my Love and Hip Hop adventure with high hopes thanks to an entirely new cast.  “Maybe I won’t be as left behind and confused as I had anticipated.”  I thought as I tuned into VH1’s hit show.

The show debuted with Tahiry’s story of her failed relationship with Joe Budden, including a close-up home-recorded video of Tahiry’s rear.  4 minutes in and there’s already drama with these new characters!  Joe Budden makes jokes and makes a show during their lunch date, and Tahiry isn’t having any of it.  Their nice meal quickly escalated into a shouting match (to which Joe Budden actually managed to sit quietly through) and ends as Tahiry flips the table.  I may be wrong, but I have a feeling that this scene was staged.  This flips the table and leaves her purse behind.  You can’t just leave your purse behind, Tahiry!

We meet our next leading lady, Erica Mendez, as she’s preparing for a Maxim shoot.  Rich tries to convince her that she is never going to make it in the high fashion modelling industry working as a “booty model”, but she vehemently argues that she needs these jobs to put food on the table.  A curveball is thrown (for me, at least) when it’s revealed that Erica and Rich are a couple!

Next, we meet a very pregnant Yandy Smith as she parties at a very unconventional baby shower, more of a nightclub, really.  Mandeecees doesn’t seem as committed to his and Yandy’s relationship as Yandy is.  He opts to leave the baby shower early to hang out with his friends making his 9-month pregnant girlfriend furious.  I’m not sure how I feel about this show at this point, but I have a feeling that there won’t be a dull moment.

After the commercial break, we meet Raqi, the “hip-hop confidant”.  There are rumours that she’s slept with Joe Budden, but she says it’s not true.  I’m not sure I believe her.  Her protestations weren’t very convincing.  Joe Budden is convinced that Tahiry is still in love with him.  I’m not sure if he saw the same lunch date that I did, but she didn’t seem too keen on rekindling a relationship when she threw a table at him.

Olivia confronts Rich about his relationship with Erica.  He says their relationship isn’t that serious.  I think it’d be really interesting to see all of these cast members as they watch their “lover’s” confessions because I’m not sure that Erica would agree.

Rasheeda goes to Tahiry’s house to discuss her meeting with Joe.  Rasheeda has some fabulous hair.  Tahiry’s true feelings come out.  She feels hurt by Joe.  Rasheeda gives her some solid advice, “No more Joey.”  You need to listen to her, Tahiry, but I doubt you will.

Joe Budden shows up to Tahiry’s place of work, albeit in an annoying manner for a “waitress” until she comes to talk to him.  This demands that Budden works for his relationship.  You go, Tahiry.  In a heartfelt solo moment, Budden admits that he could have seen himself marrying Tahiry and he vows to make an effort with her.  He invites her to his birthday party and she agrees to go.  I can see some complications in their future.

Now, we’re back to Yandy.  Mandeecees is chilling on the couch while she tries to put away all of their gifts from he baby shower.  Yandy calls him out on leaving the baby shower early.  Mandeecees suggests the solution to their clutter problem is to move into a bigger place even though their baby is due to come in a week.  He has a lot to learn about life.

This meets up with Raqi, who is rumoured to have slept with Joe Budden (in case you’ve forgotten).  The cat claws come out during their meeting as Raqi calles Tahiry out for spreading the rumours about her illicit affair with Joe.  There’s a lot of heated arguments over people not being genuine and people lying.  All I know at this point is that all of these people are exhausting.

Olive has an intervention of sorts with Erica about her relationship with Rich.  Erica got a tattoo.  It’s an R.  For Rich.  Rich doesn’t seem to pleased with this, not that I blame him.  He did say their relationship wasn’t serious.  I think I may have missed what role Olivia plays in this relationship though.  I’m really confused why she’s so invested.  The conversation quickly escalates into a shouting match.  This cast needs to learn how to have a casual conversation.  During this scene, I had an idea for a companion reality show.  All these arguments have been happening in public places.  How do the other restaurant-goers feel about this?  Are they as invested in these relationships as we are?  Maybe they just want to eat their soup in peace.  But I digress.  Erica gets angry and leaves, but I see that waiter in the background giving them a look.  He’s first on my casting list.

Sometime during all these arguments, Yandy had her baby!  And what an adorable baby he is!  That’s all that we get through.  Just a few cute shots of the kid.

But the lack of drama with Yandy and Mandeecees is made up with Joe Budden’s birthday bash (sidenote: I think he may have been lying about his age.  He looks a tad older than 27.  Wikipedia also confirmed these suspicions).  Joe wants to play truth or truth.  I haven’t seen this intense of a birthday bash since middle school.  They haven’t even started playing Truth or Truth when fists start flying.  Tahiry and Raqi have obviously not worked through their issues.  Poor, Joe Budden, all he wants is a nice birthday bash with family-friendly games about truth and honesty.

Determined as he is to play this game, Joe places himself between the two girls and commences the Truth shenanigans.  Joe also denies having sex with Raqi.  (sidenote: I’m not really sure how truth or truth works.  It seems fairly obvious, but what’s the point?)  Raqi, again, interrupts the innocent game of truth-telling and more punches are thrown.  What I’ve learned from this show so far is to stick to normal truth-or-dare.  I’ve never seen punches thrown in that game.  Joe Budden kicks Raqi out of his party who manages to muster a few tears about it.  It’ll be interesting to see how this complicated not-love triangle works itself out.

In conclusion, this was a very exhausting season premiere, and I’m not entirely sure I have any idea what’s going on.

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