Questions on Cost Incurred to Import a Used Car from Japan

Used Car from Japan

There is a substantial market for used cars from Japan in Kenya, Russia, and New Zealand. With Japanese vehicles being most popular in the world, they are high in demand for various reasons like excellent car performance, availability of spare parts, safety features, and environmentally friendly, to name a few. The other countries of the world lack the assurance of phenomenal quality that Japanese cars have. Therefore,these cars emerge as amazing choices for second hand car buyers

Costs of buying a car from an exporter in Japan

To import a Japanese used car, you have to contact the dealers dealing in a used car. After selecting the model which you desire, you have to contact the exporter that will help you in exporting the vehicle to your destination using various transportation modes applicable.

Now here, you will have to thoroughly understand different types of costs that are included in shipping your car to your country. A lack of knowledge could disappoint you when you get a bill of transportation higher than your expectations. It is always better to compare the rates for international shipping of big items like cars.

Therefore, there are certain crucial factors and costs involved in importing a Japanese used car from a reputed dealership.

What are the various import fees for used cars?

Here is the list of total import fees you will have to pay to import a second-hand Japanese car for sale.

  1. FOB Price – It is the base Vehicle Price
  2. Freight – It is the shipping price to your destination, which mainly depends on your intended shipping port and vehicle size. Although most ports calculate the cost on the vehicle size, sometimes you may find a fixed rate too.
  3. C&F (CFR) Price – It refers to Cost (car price) and Freight. It is the sum of FOB and freight combined. The most cost-efficient way to import is through purchasing via C&F. Here marine insurance is not included.
  4. CIF price – It refers to Cost, Insurance, and Freight. In this marine insurance in included and together forms CIF price.
  5. Marine Insurance – It is an insurance against total loss of the goods in case of ship sinking and accident while in ocean transit.
  6. Pre-export Insurance – It is an inspection that is decided upon the destination country. The vehicles have to be inspected before departing from Japan. In the case of exporters, it refers to JEVIC, QISJ, and JAAI.
  7. Inland transportation fee – The cost of transportation that covers shipping from the port to the landlocked country. It does not include import tariffs.
  8. Additional fee– all exporting companies have their additional service fees to source and export your car.

What are the charges included in the payment you give to the exporter?

The payment of exporter includes the cost of the car, FOB price, Marine insurance, and pre-export inspection charge. The charges that are not included in this payment are custom clearance fee, import tariff, consumption tax, other local tax, and vehicle registration fees.


When you find understanding these costs overwhelming, you need to connect with a reliable dealer who can connect you through a genuine exporter. They will make you fully aware of all these charges and will also help you sail out smoothly through all the process of importing a Japanese used car.

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