Planning Your Bachelorette Getaway

bachelorette getaway

Be the best friend of a lifetime when you plan a destination bachelorette getaway. While there’s a lot of pressure to get it right for the bride, working closely with her to plan will help ensure you provide her with a dreamy end to her single life.

Talk to the Bride

Planning a weekend away without input from the bride could lead to disaster. She may have extremely different ideas than you about what’s relaxing or fun. Set up a time with her to choose a weekend, talk about locations and create an invite list. Once you know the destination, make a list of special activities she may want to participate in so you can gather information about pricing and booking.

Estimate Costs

Figure out ahead of time how much everything will cost so each friend can make the best financial decision. Take into account flight prices, your private bus to Houston airport costs, hotel, meals and activities. Depending on the group, a road trip may make more sense than an international destination. To keep costs low, consider cooking your own meals or choosing less expensive restaurant options. Other ways to save costs can be free or inexpensive activities and matching outfits instead of custom-printed tshirts.

Begin Booking

Set a deadline for each invitee so you can book your hotel, activities and meal reservations with plenty of time to spare. Make sure you’ve finalized plans with the whole group before booking show tickets or spa appointments. If you have enough people in your group, make sure to get a group discount to save money. Also, provide the opportunity for friends to opt-out of certain activities without guilt.

Create a Packing List

If the bride’s friends enjoy having a list to work from, create it for them. For extra fun on the trip, plan theme days where each member of the group wears the same color or clothing item. Remind them which activities they’re participating in so they can pack the extra swimsuit for scuba diving or boots for hiking.

Communicate Well

Planning a successful bachelorette weekend requires thoughtful and timely communication. To prevent surprises and anger, make sure you’re keeping everyone in the travel group up-to-date on any changes or updates to the travel schedule.

With proper communication and early planning, you’ll get the nitty-gritty details out of the way so you can enjoy the weekend as much as the bride.

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