Move over Muscle V4s: Electric Motors Rule

Zero electric bikes

The big bike market is in a constant state of evolution, new tech born from MotoGP is passed down to the production machines, resulting in power units that deliver 150+ horses. While the big 4-stroke, 4-cyl V engines are constantly improving, there is a relative of the internal combustion engine that is taking the world by storm, namely the electric powered motorcycle.

High Performance with Zero Emissions

We’ve come a long way in the past decade regarding lithium-iron battery development, with smaller power packs that deliver more power than their predecessor. A hi-end e-bike has a 200+ mile range and the motor delivers 110hp and a top speed of 124mph, which more than matches the performance of the petrol guzzlers.

Stylish with Great Handling

Changing the power unit to an electric motor does not affect the frame, suspension and brakes, which are almost identical to the regular models. Nothing is lost in the handling properties, nor the braking when you switch to an e-bike; zero emissions when you open it up stops you feeling guilty when you pile on the power. Book a test ride on one of the slick Zero electric bikes from Wheels Motorcycles and experience the unique feeling that comes with e-bikes.

Extended Range

Top e-bikes can make 200+ miles before they need a recharge and rapid charging makes for a convenient solution; some trips might require an online search for EV charging stations along the way, yet we are not far from having charging stations everywhere. Lithium-ion batteries are constantly in a state of development, battery packs are becoming lighter and more powerful, so the only way is up. Test riding an e-bike is the only way to appreciate the silent riding experience, then and only then can you really understand what all the fuss is about. Click here for tips to pack for your next holiday.

Bike License

The UK government issues driving license info on all vehicles and once you know what size e-bike that you can ride. The dealership can sort out class 1 insurance, handle the vehicle registration and even kit you out for safe riding.

Online Solutions

The best e-bikes are already on the dealership forecourts and you can book a ride on one of the Aprilia e-bikes and experience the benefits of no gears-high torque. The dealer can offer low-interest on new and used e-bikes and they sell all the clothing and protective gear you need to become a big biker. The summer is approaching and that is the best time to get out on two wheels and explore the amazing countryside.

Many bikers plan the long summer bank holiday weekends and they explore the many regions of the British Isles on two wheels, while not polluting the atmosphere. It is easy to see why bikers are making the switch to electric motor power units, and while that gorgeous sound of the V4 has gone forever, the benefits are indeed many.

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