Mark Swaim MD PhD – Why We Should All Learn To Be Healthier Than Ever

Healthier Than Ever

If there is anything that this virus has taught us it is that now more than ever before we have to be as health conscious as we possibly can. This is the clear message coming from health experts like Mark Swaim MD PhD who are reminding us all to take more actions to be healthier. We are actually living in very strange times as with each generation that comes, there is a better approach towards health. The issue that many have is that they consider good health to be looking great, with muscles and good cardiovascular fitness for example, yet there are not enough of us who are looking at how we can care for ourselves from within.

Now is the time to really get healthy and here is why.

Lessons From CoVid-19

Those who have had the biggest issues with this virus are those who are old, those who had underlying health conditions and those who are unhealthy. There are young people who were overweight for example who have suffered and who are suffering terribly from this virus. If that doesn’t serve as a reminder to everyone of just why we need to be in good shape then we are not sure what will.

Food Choices

One of the reasons why, in the main, our grandparents were much healthier than we were is because they were eating a much healthier diet with regards to how food was made and prepared. Trying to eat food now which doesn’t have refined sugar in it or which hasn’t been heavily processed in order to be mass produced is very difficult indeed. There is very much a push back by many on this type of food and and many are trying to reduce the price of healthy food so that everyone can enjoy it.


The Coronavirus was not the first pandemic and it will not be the last, we have been warned for years about this and many believe that what has happened in 2020 is simply a precursor to a far more damaging pandemic. Regardless of what viruses there are, we have got to do all that we can to make sure that we are fit and healthy in the coming years.

Making Up

Many of us have been giving in to temptation during the lockdown and that is to be expected, now that restrictions are easing up however it is time to make up for what we have lost and to hit the gym or the road and start burning off some of that damage which we may have done to ourselves in the last few months.

This ladies and gentlemen is the perfect time to get in shape, to learn from what has gone on and to switch to a healthier lifestyle. This is not about dieting or losing a few pounds, this is very much about a new and healthier you, now and forever.

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