Make the Employee Process Effortless in 3 Steps

Make the Employee Process Effortless in 3 Steps

The employee process encompasses the whole employee journey—from hiring and onboarding to ongoing management. It’s crucial for businesses to get this right, as there is a lot of time and money that goes into nurturing the right employee. A slip-up on the company’s side during the employee process can mean a huge loss and opportunity cost that most companies simply can’t afford. Luckily, contemporary technology makes the employee process easier than ever to get right. Here’s how you can do so effortlessly.

  • Recruitment

Recruitment can be carried out using a combination of job-posting websites and by posting vacancies your own site. As you’ll find at every step, this can be made effortless with technology, such as the HR features provided by a software such as Recruiters can use an online portal to create and publish vacancies automatically if needed and candidates can use the portal to apply for the job. The use of a portal means comparing candidates side by side is effortless and when you’ve found the right person for the job, paperless contracts can be instantly generated. However, even though you want to make the employee process as effortless as possible, you should never skip an interview. You need to be absolutely sure you’re hiring the right person, so if you can, hold multiple interviews with your chosen candidates, as this is an incredibly important part of recruitment.

  • Onboarding

Onboarding is typically a time-consuming task that comes with many hidden costs and it largely depends on the requirements of your business. You should always make sure an employee knows how to use your technology, and that they are aware of the corporate structure and who they can direct their questions to.

Tech solutions can make this more effortless, however. You can set up an onboarding checklist and send over important information, policies, and so on automatically, as well as give the new employee reminders to make sure they’re at the right place at the right time. Best of all, once everything is completed, a new employee record can be created automatically, meaning your admin work is minimal.

  • Starting and Nurturing the Relationship

It is vital to nurture the employee relationship, as this creates engagement, which is needed for maximum productivity.

You won’t be able to get a tech replacement for your company culture, but if you set employees up with the ability to manage their own data, they not only become more engaged, but will find it easy and seamless to apply for absence and leave. As an employer you can configure leave rules and detect trends automatically, so the employee only discusses their absences with the company if it’s becoming a problem, therefore reducing the bureaucracy that can create friction in the employee relationship.

The relationship with the company culture can also be made seamless with a company dashboard, which can act as a company-specific social media platform, allowing employees to connect with each other as well as staying up to date with company news.

Artificial intelligence can also help to bring the relationship to fruition, as employee data can be analyzed automatically and represented visually so you have a good idea of how each employee is doing and what they need to do in order to increase their productivity. Technology also makes incentives easy, as you can track learning and development and instantly issue bonuses, rewards, and even salary increases.

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