Kisscartoon & 9Anime: Top Rated Free Cartoons Streaming Websites


Looking for the best free websites for watching cartoons and anime? You are at the right place. We are going to share with you the most trending and free websites that you can use to stream your favorite cartoons and anime. Both these websites have a huge base of users all around the globe.

Kisscartoons and 9Anime are the websites that we are talking about here. Both these websites are free to use and they have a huge library of cartoons and TV shows that you can try out. You can find out more similar platforms on Plasticcrypt. There are dozens of free streaming services that you can find out there but as far as the streaming quality is concerned, these websites are your best choice.  

About Kisscartoon:

From interactive UI to remarkable streaming quality, this website has everything that you would need in your cartoons streaming platform. It has a huge collection of new and all-time classic shows that you can check out for free. There are no hidden fees needed for using the services of this website.

Kiss cartoon allows you to download the content as well. Not directly, but you can download the content on your PC using some download manager add-on. Once you install these add-ons on your web browser, you would be able to download the content that you want to stream later. 

As far as the user safety and security is concerned, you won’t have to worry about that when streaming content on this website. It is trusted by a huge number of users all over the world. There would be no risk on your privacy or security when using the services of this website.            

The Good:

  • It is free to use 
  • It is safe and secure 
  • Streaming quality is outstanding
  • Content can be downloaded as well
  • Huge collection of cartoons and anime shows 
  • Trusted by a huge number of users all over the world   

The Bad:

  • Ads get a little too much 
  • A lot of automatic redirects 

About 9Anime:

9Anime is among the oldest anime streaming websites out there. It has a huge collection of anime shows and movies that you can stream whenever you want to. This website has a huge user base that fully trusts the quality of its services. 

The best thing about this website is, all the content on it is updated on a regular basis. You won’t find the latest updates to your shows faster on this website than on any other platform out there.  

Plus, there is a mobile app available for this website. You can install it on your android devices to use the services of this website on your mobile phone. It is easy to assess and offers a secure server connection. 

The Good:

  • Free Anime streaming websites 
  • Doesn’t charge subscriptions fees
  • Not account requirements 
  • Mobile app is also available
  • Easy to use 
  • UI is pretty great 
  • Huge collection of shows 

The Bad:

  • A lot of ads on the website 
  • Ad blocker affects the streaming quality 

Make sure to check out both these websites for the best cartoons and anime streaming experience of your life.   

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