Jobs You Can Land With An ACCA Degree

Jobs you can land with an ACCA degree

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a globally recognised institute. The qualification given by this accountancy body holds relevance in many countries. There it is given the same importance as local accountancy studies.

You must sit for a good number of exams to get this qualification which adds to its value. Therefore, the holder of this degree is considered to have all the suitable expertise and skills set.

Many who are keen to make a career in accountancy choose to go for an ACCA degree. The qualification is considered prestigious because it covers various facets of business management both in term of theories and technical aspects.

There are various reasons why this course is popular ranging from flexibility, cost effectiveness to meeting international standards. Post the completion of ACCA exams and getting the degree, one can go for a range of job roles such as:

  • Financial Accountant: As part of this job role, you will be required to trace all of company’s financial transactions and keep a record of any kind of irregularities as well. You will adhere to the standard guidelines and record, summarise and present all transactions in a financial report or statement. This can be in the form of balance sheet or income statement. As a financial accountant you will also be making financial statements of an organisation to present to outside parties such as creditors, investors and more.
  • Management Accountants: On this job position, you will be taking care of company’s accounts. Your work will entail many responsibilities where the main function is to guide managers as to how business decisions will impact financial health of a company. You will be required to create business strategies to get maximum shareholder value. You will also be controlling and predicting expenditure for projects and the income any work task will create. With good experience, you can climb up the rank for senior position roles in the organisation.
  • Corporate Treasurer: Every organisation needs to have the required capital to carry out projects and meet all obligations. This responsibility falls under the role of corporate treasury. They take care of business investment, cash holdings, and manage business investments and more. This role requires one to have good interpersonal skills as well since you will need to build a bond with banking and financial services representatives in order to develop financial policies for the company.
  • Forensic accountant: Forensic accounting is a job role where you will be using accounting, auditing and investigative skills to examine the financial health of the business or an individual entity. Professional services organisations tend to hire forensic consultants for their day to day functions. In this job position, you must look beyond just numbers and understand the business aspect of any circumstance.

An ACCA degree can help one achieve major milestones in their career. It is a suitable option of those planning to build a strong and stable foundation in the field of accounting.

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