Is The Work Experience Required For An MBA In Canada?

Is The Work Experience Required For An MBA In Canada

You may have many people around you advising someone preparing for an MBA. The one piece of advice that one keeps getting is that the work experience is required for pursuing the MBA course.

Luckily this happens to be a misconception that work experience helps MBA aspirants with a better resume during the placement period of the program. People also believe that students with prior work experience have better communication skills and a better vision of their future plans.

It is suggested by some of the business schools that students with prior work experience are the perfect fit for a good MBA program. While this might be a bit a little hard to believe, in Canada, you can enroll in an MBA without prior work experience.

Why Study MBA in Canada?

Canada houses 150 world’s top universities and is the best choice for students to pursue an MBA degree. This beautiful country offers a good and safe environment for students from all around the globe. Furthermore, after getting an MBA degree, students become eligible to apply for PR which is kind of great. It also offers education at a very affordable fee as compared to other countries.

Types of MBAs Offered in Canada

Various universities in Canada offer many specialized MBA programs. The programs offered here can be classified into three parts:

Generalized MBA Program

The duration of generalized MBA programs is for two years. In the first year, students are taught the core business fundaments such as Business Strategy Analysis, Data Analysis, Management Statistics, Financial and Managerial Accounting.

Specialized MBA

The specialized MBA program is of 1 year and sometimes less than a year. such programs give students a chance to brush up his skills in the field of Business and finance.

Also known as the Corporate MBAs, these types of MBA programs are only available to the employees of the organization for which the course is specially crafted.

Combined MBA

This type of MBA program lasts up to four years. It is considered ideal for those who are already looking for a master’s degree while studying another program such as Arts, Agriculture, Law or Engineering.

A student’s academic background, relevant work experience, and proper records are considered essential for getting admission to a Canadian MBA school. Most of the colleges look for a good academic record.

Most of the business schools in Canada have a requirement of a 3.0 to 3.5 GPA in the bachelor’s degree. Apart from that, 16 years of an undergraduate degree is required.

Why Study MBA in Canada?

Canada is emerging as one of the best international counties for MBA aspirants. Following factors attracts the students to pursue MBA in Canada

Inexpensive Price:

Price is the most important aspect that attracts students to study MBA in Canada. The course fee and living are quite affordable in Canada if compared with the US and the UK.

Valuable Degree:

Canada is a great destination to pursue an MBA program and the degree is highly recognized all around the world.

Good Stay-Back Option:

The best thing about studying an MBA in Canada is that one can apply for PR in Canada right after completion of the degree.

If you are planning to pursue MBA abroad, Canada should be on the top of your list as this country offers great career opportunities.

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