Is Sildenafil Citrate Enough For Better Sexual Performance?

Is Sildenafil Citrate Enough For Better Sexual Performance

As a young man, you probably would have heard about Sildenafil citrate by now. You may have heard that it is used for erection purpose. Many men jokingly take the drug for recreational purposes or because of their belief that it may improve sexual performance.

As an uninformed individual, you may probably not know any more than this, about the drug. Keep reading to know the answers to all your questions about this so-called magical drug known as Sildenafil, for example, Kamagra.

Before we come to how the medication works, lets first understand how erection of the penis happens. Upon stimulation, during sexual arousal, the smooth muscles of the penis relax, that is, they loosen up. This allows more flow of blood into the spaces inside the shaft of the penis. Increased blood flows into it, and less flow of blood out of the penis results in expansion and erection of the penis. It becomes thick and long, filled with blood. This erection is maintained up to the ejaculation, that is spurting out of the semen. This is what should happen in a healthy male in normal circumstances.

What is erectile dysfunction?

It is a condition wherein there is a deficiency of erection even upon sufficient stimulation, or when erection lasts for a very short time. There are numerous psychological and physical causes of erectile dysfunction. In our society, erectile dysfunction is an undesirable and stigmatic thing to have. Relationships end and marriages break due to this.

How does Sildenafil work? 

Sildenafil is a medication, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary artery hypertension. It inhibits an enzyme in our body known as phosphodiesterase- 5 (PDE-5). The inhibition of this enzyme in our body leads to the dilation of arteries, that is they widen and open up to accommodate more blood. Dilation of arteries of the penis leads to more blood influx and resulting in an appropriate erection. It also sustains the erection for longer durations so that orgasm is reached, and ejaculation is accomplished. This is how Sildenafil proves to be a very effective medication for erectile dysfunction. 

What about the action of Sildenafil in healthy men?

There is sufficient evidence regarding this. A lot of research and study has been done to assess the recreational use of Sildenafil citrate to improve sexual performance. It is of not much utility on healthy men. Studies have been conducted repeatedly on healthy young men with stable relationships. In them, the administration of this drug does not significantly improve performance or stamina any further. Erections are sustained and prolonged, but stamina tends to remain the same as before. 

Can Sildenafil Citrate be used to increase sexual arousal? 

In modern cultures, Sildenafil citrate is mistaken for an aphrodisiac. Now you must be querying that what is aphrodisiac. It is any substance that can be used to increase sexual pleasure. It causes increased sexual desire and sexual behavior. The myth that Sildenafil citrate can be used to improve sexual pleasure is already busted long ago. It only aids in erection sustainment in men with erectile dysfunction. Then there shouldn’t be any reason left to unnecessarily abuse the drug, hoping that it might improve sexual behavior. It improves performance only in men with erectile dysfunction. 

All this said, what are the factors influencing one’s sexual performance or sex drive?

The most important thing is sexuality. Your sexuality determines which type of partner are you interested in. Homosexual men will obviously have problems having sexual intercourse with women! So, performance is likely to be low.

  • Smoking and alcohol

In some men, smoking a lot, or alcohol consumption someday or the other leads to them having erection problems. So, try quitting these habits and see if your problems disappear.


  • Heart problems, Diabetes


Diabetes is a multisystem disorder that is notoriously very common in the world. The associated peripheral neuropathy results in decreased sensations. This would cause less arousal upon stimulation by the partner. The autonomic neuropathy, on the other hand, causes disturbances in the flow of blood into the penis. So erectile dysfunction occurs. 

  • Mood

Depression, anxiety, and stress are the worst enemies of a man’s sex drive or libido. You just can’t be expected to perform well in bed if so, many odds are going on in your life. 

  • Partner related problems

It is possible that you are almost impotent to one single partner and normal with others. This is a known medical condition in men, related to decreased sex drive. A feeling of inferiority and conflicts with the partner are just a few causes to mention. 

  • Masturbation

It is a belief many men have that masturbation can decrease sexual performance while having normal sex. This is theoretically justified as stamina tends to decrease by masturbating. But adequate scientific evidence is available to prove the opposite. Masturbation, when done in a limit, actually improves sexual performance by improving erection. This applies only when the technique is correct. Incorrect techniques have shown to decrease penile sensations and thus reduce sexual arousal. 

  • Pornography

In recent times, easy access and widespread internet facilities have highly propagated porn videos. Watching porn though comes with a few repercussions. Excessive watching of porn can lead to decreased sexual arousal and thus decreased sexual performance. 

This can be explained as follows – The truth is that the type of sexual activities in porn videos and real-life sexual intercourse is very different. So, what happens is getting addicted to pornography leads to the building of an ideal sexual picture in the mind of the viewer. His expectations from a real-life sex with his partner rises. This leads to disappointment and dissatisfaction after regular intercourse and thus decreased arousal after subsequent sexual activities. Thus, you shouldn’t be watching too much porn. Don’t watch it at all, if possible. 

Male sexual behavior is a result of a complex interaction between various factors like psychology, health issues partner, lifestyle, physique, to name a few. Improving sexual function is not as simple as taking sildenafil citrate like the one named Vigora.  It is way more than just that. 

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