International Travel Insurance-Stretching Beyond the Flight Journey

Overseas vacation is a rising trend. Everybody loves to visit exotic locations, taste international cuisines; catch the glimpse of lifestyle, culture, heritage, etc. of a different country.

However, given the present global volatile conditions; one cannot rule out the huge list of unexpected events that might hit you at any point during the vacation and lead to an end of your trip or disrupt it completely. It might also mean a huge financial drain for you that might make your books completely unmanageable and lead to a loss of the lifestyle.

The best arsenal against this is a well-built Travel Insurance Plan. As awareness is increasing, most travelers purchase travel insurance. Unfortunately, they think that any travel insurance provides cover for just flight delays, cancellations, and lost baggage. But the truth is that travel insurance offers a much wider scope of coverage. Few of these include:

  • Medical cover

While traveling abroad; you might suffer an accident and require hospitalization. The accident can be as simple as falling and getting your leg or hand fractured. It would require medical treatment and sometimes even hospitalization. Being an overseas country; the treatment cost would be exorbitant. But the travel insurance would cover it and you would not feel the heat.

It must also be noted that pre-existing diseases also get covered under the plan albeit with a higher premium cost but it is negligible in the face of the crisis that you might face abroad.

  • Emergency medical assistance

Sometimes you might need emergency medical assistance like an ambulance transfer to hospital for situations like a heart attack or even a medical airlifting to the nearest hospital. You might also be in the midst of a sudden car accident and would need immediate hospitalization. All these costs and assistance would be covered under a travel insurance plan.

  • Personal accident cover

If any traveler faces any unfortunate accident that leads to permanent or temporary disability; you will be given financial compensation to ease out of the situation.

  • Death and repatriation coverage

Given the volatile political conditions and fragile weather conditions; any traveler might lose his life due to terrorism, acts of violence or due to earthquakes, floods, etc. In all such situations, the travel insurance provider bears the cost of bringing the body of the departed to the home country. In case, the funeral is being performed outside; the cost of the funeral and bringing the mortal remains to the home country is also covered under travel insurance.

  • Hijack distress allowance

Today, the threat of a plane hijack is omnipotent. Most travel insurance covers this hazard. In the event of a hijack; if the insured is present inside the plane; he/she is paid a daily compensation for each day of hijack capped to the limit specified by the policy.

  • Loss of important travel document

Getting your passport lost or stolen along with other important documents can happen at any point in the trip. In such a scenario, you are provided full assistance under the travel insurance as well as the cost reimbursement of procuring the duplicate documents.

  • Legal liability coverage

If a traveler faces any legal liability due to damage to any third-party; then you get covered under travel insurance. If a legal suit follows; then the legal costs are also covered under the plan.

  • Trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage

Trip cancellation can happen midway or even before it started due to medical, professional or personal reasons. If the reason is as per the policy terms and conditions; then you are reimbursed according to the policy specifications.

  • Emergency financial assistance

Incidents like theft, robbery or pilferage can lead to a substantial loss of your travel fund that can make your trip go completely haywire. In such a scenario; you are given monetary assistance under travel insurance so that your trip proceeds uninterrupted.

  • Home burglary insurance

You might be enjoying your overseas vacation but your house might be burgled while you are away. In this scenario; you are paid compensation for all the valuables lost due to it.

  • Delay of checked-in baggage

Sometimes, there is a delay in receiving your checked-in baggage. It might raise the need for you to buy emergency clothes, toiletries and medicines. The cost of all these would be reimbursed by the travel insurance company.

Wrapping up

The above pointers clearly illustrate the multi-faceted benefits of travel insurance. Moreover, you have enough flexibility to choose a single or multiple trip policy with all the required coverage that you desire to have. Given the benefits and facilities; you must always buy a comprehensive travel policy every time you plan an overseas trip.

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