Instagram Storytelling: How to Connect with Your Audience

Instagram Storytelling

It’s good to develop your Instagram, but how do you connect with Instagram followers? It doesn’t happen automatically, despite a perfect feed. What storytelling with Instagram will do is make your Instagram audience know, love and trust you. You can even call them your “loyal companions” if you want.

An audience like this really cares about your content, waiting with bated breath to see what your next post will be. And when you finally sell to your audience, they will pull out their credit cards faster than you can say “buy from me”.

The magic of storytelling is that as soon as you start showing your followers why you’re different, you stop doing the disgusting “selling” thing. You stop having to compete on price alone.

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Instagram and the media in general are full of profiles publishing all kinds of stories, and you won’t want yours to be the same as another. Therefore, dedicate yourself to reviewing the path of your business and recognizing those elements that arouse the interest of the public. For example:

  1. Characters

show a bit of the personality of each of those involved in your project.

  1. Challenges

entrepreneurship is not easy. Share some of the top challenges and obstacles already overcome, and everything your team needed to do to get where it is.

  1. Desires

what is the ambition of your brand? What is your mission, the final result that you want to communicate to the world? Make the answer clear. Explore your strengths and all that makes your story unique. After gathering some ideas, think of images that can be rendered and posted on your Instagram from time to time, mixing them with the usual posts.

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  1. Go back to the beginning

What made you decide to start your business? Was there a big, life-changing event or was it a highlight of small events?

  1. Focus on your reason

What is behind your brand? What is your vision? What is your biggest goal that you want to achieve?

It’s scary to have big dreams, and even scarier to share them with thousands of your closest social media friends. But your audience that connects with your brand will become your biggest fan.

  1. Talk about the people behind your brand

When you’re a small company sitting at the table of the big ones, it can be tempting to pretend to be bigger than you are. If you are a small business, it is time to stop pretending to be a big business. Post a photo on Instagram where you smile and wish your followers.

Do you work with other small businesses? Maybe one of your suppliers or employees is doing an exceptionally good job and deserves a mention. Share this as well, because these people are involved in making your company greater.

Tricks for Applying Storytelling on Instagram

Don’t be afraid to tell your own story. Your beginnings, your passions, your fears, the things that are part of your daily life. You never know who you might inspire.

Define your brand voice and create your own narrative. You write with humor, you are more motivating, you add a little poetry to your writing. Who are you and how do you want to be perceived? Make sure you add your magic and essence to all your writing. The first step is to be true to yourself.

Make sure every photo and text you share is under that same narrative. It doesn’t matter that from time to time your photos are more personal and have nothing, or almost nothing, to do with your work, but find a way to relate it to your personality, which in the end is what you bring to your work.

Use the stories to generate debate or conversation in your community. Finish your short stories with open questions or ask for feedback. Make people want to talk.

Avoid photographs that have nothing to do with your line of business. It’s okay to share personal information and moments from our daily lives, but beware of posting wrong pictures on this social network.

I hope you find this article useful and that you are now ready to share some of your essence with your community.

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