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Incredible Marketing Tips for Realtors

Incredible Marketing Tips for Realtors

Realtors these days have more ways than ever to market their skills and wares. Although the work can be challenging in finding the right buyers and sellers, real estate offers a meaningful and rewarding career with the right marketing tools that can include traditional as well as innovative strategies.

Personal Touch

In modern business, the old fashioned personal approach is largely missing from our fast-paced lives. But keeping a personal connection to former clients and reaching out warmly to prospective clients can quickly win their interest in working with you in buying or selling a home. Stay in touch by stopping by a former client’s home with a small gift or a quick hello to show that you still remember them.

To reduce travel, you can schedule a Zoom call or just video chat on your phone. Take note of clients’ birthdays and anniversaries or holidays in general and send a greeting card. Maintaining a courteous manner and professional service will encourage word of mouth referrals and testimonials if requested.

Direct Mail Postcards

You may want to send direct mail postcards for each property that you represent in the communities you serve. Choose a direct mail business with extensive experience in the real estate sector. Some companies offer their own photographs or images for the cards while others allow you to choose your preferred artwork and message.

Compare the quality of the card stock to be used along with pricing to get the best quality at an affordable cost. You can follow up a week or two after the realtor mailings have gone out to check for leads inspired by the mailing. The postcard design can be adjusted or changed later to attract new leads, especially if the community demographics change for any reason.

Check In

Keep your client file updated by checking in occasionally to see how a buyers likes the new property or if a seller was able to find a new home within the desired time period. These casual check-ins help you to stay connected with former clients and shows your interest in their satisfaction with your service. Customer satisfaction surveys might be a good idea to collect feedback and suggestions for improvement. Praise and compliments can be added, anonymously if some clients prefer, to your website or marketing materials. Staying in touch reminds your former clients that you are still in business and available to help out with future real estate transactions.

Advertising and Promotional Materials

Depending on your budget, there are many of ways to become a familiar name and face in your area. Billboards, local newspaper ads, and possibly posters can alert residents to your realtor status and eagerness to assist with their property needs. Print or digital business cards, fliers, and brochures that are attractively formatted and professionally designed often attract interest.

People who do not need a realtor now are more likely to recall your picture or name if they need a realtor in the future rather than just searching for someone online. These can be synched with your direct mail postcards for real estate to establish a consistent image and brand.

Social Media

Most businesses have a digital presence these days. The Internet will market your website and services around the clock and throughout the region. Utilize social media to promote your website or to update followers on new listings or recent sales. Many companies host a mini-business site on Facebook or Instagram. They grow a group of followers through frequent tweets on a Twitter account or use adwords to grab reader interest.

In addition to marketing realty services, you can establish yourself as a local expert by providing updates about new neighborhood developments and zoning laws or offering advice on selling or buying a home. Becoming a useful resource will help you build a following and increase your exposure within the community to become a sought-after real estate agent.

Business and Community Participation

Join the chamber of commerce to find your niche within the local business community. Share tips and ideas about real estate to help other members. Become a go-to real estate expert for not only the business members but also someone they can refer to their relatives and friends. Offer interviews on the current housing market or tips on how to avoid buying a lemon property to the local radio or television station. Consider posting a blog or vlog on your website and offer to guest-write a post for a blog that discusses local business trends or the economy.

You might want to join civic groups like the Lions or the Rotary that not only support worthwhile charitable causes but also serve as community pillars that draw admiration and respect. Participate in special events like the county fair or regional trade shows to learn more about the industry as well as strengthen your resume with credits that can be publicized appropriately to showcase your interest in continuous learning and improvement as well as your leadership ability.

Get Published

Submit an article to a real estate trade magazine to increase your exposure as an expert. Write an e-book advising readers on how to prepare a home to sell or how to find and afford their dream home. If you are not comfortable writing, you can hire a ghostwriter to do it for you while maintaining your name as the author after approving the content.

Being published enhances your public image and may lead to invited speaking engagements where you can sell your book afterward. Posting an image of your book on your website or referencing it in your marketing materials can help to expand your reputation and may heighten your popularity in the community.


Use the techniques that work best with your personality and schedule to obtain and retain clients’ goodwill. By doing great work from start to finish, you will be remembered with appreciation and fondness the next time a former client wants to buy or sell a home or knows someone who needs a realtor.

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